Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Expo Crashing

I might not be running the Peachtree Road Race on Monday, because I messed around and didn't enter the lottery. Not having a number didn't keep me from crashing the expo, alright, I didn't crash it per say because it was open to the public. I took B with me, and I will definitely be taking her to more expos because homegirl loaded up on freebies and she was just stinkin' adorable chatting up all the vendors at the expo. My main reason for going to the expo is because I knew that the people from One More Mile would be there and I wanted some of their shirts. So, while we are there I came up on the Galloway Training booth and guess who was there... Jeff Galloway himself. He and I chatted for a while, and he signed the mental training book that I bought. I realized after I walked away that I should have asked to take a picture with him, but when I went back, he had left the booth and I didn't want to be weird and wait for him to get back. The expo was pretty cool, but I went in the afternoon and by that time the place was CROWDED, it seriously felt more crowded than the Princess expo. Also, going to the expo just made me sad that I hadn't signed up for the race, I even considered buying a number from someone. Did I mention that people were standing outside of the building buying and selling race numbers. It looked like athletic drug deals going down. So, next year I will enter the lottery and hopefully I'll get a number, if I don't, I'll buy one. 

Here's the whole haul from the day.
Here's the haul

I just had to have this hat.

Some Sweaty Bands for B and I. Plus, I got us two headbands from
Hippie Runner

Remember how Shannon gave me a 13.1 sticker last year? Well, I thought
I'd buy myself a 26.2 sticker that I'll display after the big day
 and headband for motivation.
Had to get a 13.1 one too.

With the heat, I'm going to have to run really early so this is necessary
for safety sake.

Got a Hippie Runner race belt as well. Thought it's be good to have
GU and such handy with those loops.

The doctor who wrote this was giving out his book.

Thought this might help me up my mental game.

Jeff Galloway autographed it for me.

Front of shirt #1

Back of shirt #1

B wanted this necklace and I caved and got it for her.


Photina said...

Great Haul! I love going to race expos. :-)

I LOVE Hippie Runner gear. I have a collection of headbands from them plus 3 belts I have gotten as gifts. I spotted the headbands immediately in you first picture. lol I may be addicted.

Lift Your Sole said...

Thanks For stopping by the Lift Your Sole Booth! I remember your Daughter, That is such an inspiring quote for girls! Hope to see you again Next year!

Fruit Fly said...

Jeff Galloway knew Pre. And now you know Jeff. You and I are so bad ass with each of us getting as close as humanly possible to Steve! OMG I might need an intervention! ;)

That is some seriously loot ... and I love it all! My favorite thing is the shirt that says "If I collapse, pause my Garmin." That is me to a T for sure!

Um .... Vegas. This got me even more excited. We get to hang out AND expo AND be in Vegas! Seriously, we are going to just hang without any running related stuff going on... we HAVE to - besides, the drag queens are already expecting us!

The Unexpected Runner said...

OMG! I LOVE those shirts! I like the one that says If you can read this, I'm not last! bwahahahahahah....I SO have to get one of those! That's my motto...not last!
And Happy belated Canada Day, fellow Canuck!

Lucy said...

RR- We are going to tear it up in Vegas! I can't wait.

Unexpected Runner- Happy Belated Canada Day to you too! I love your motto.

Photina- glad to hear you love the belt, I figured I would give it a chance.

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