Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sticky Mess

So, I am proud of myself. I am on vacation and I managed to get in a run really early this morning before we hit Epcot. It was a hot and sticky mess even before the sun was up this morning, and I think that made it a little harder to run this morning. I was so slow, it was almost embarrassing but I did run so it wasn't all bad. According to the runstar app, I ran at a pace of 21:04 and I did a total of 1.1, nothing to write home about but I did run.

I will keep you updated on the training aspect of things while I am gone, and give you a vacation run down when I get back.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zumba Training

This is me and ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) Jani Roberts who taught the B1 class today. She is the absolute coolest and when I grow up I can only hope to be half as awesome as she is. Training was so much fun and I learned a lot, and even met some pretty incredible people. Jani asked who had lost more than 50 pounds doing Zumba, and I almost did not stand up when she asked those people to stand up. The person beside me who I know from the gym encouraged me to stand up, and I am glad I did because I had the chance to share my story with the people there. It felt good, although I nearly cried because again, I am a friggin' basket case. The master class in the morning was incredible, the energy was infectious, it was just an absolute blast. I really tried to take it all in and try to get as much out of the training as possible. I loved learning the rhythms, and the drills that we did, I just loved everything about the training. I even stood in line afterwards for nearly an hour to buy myself some Zumba gear, including a t-shirt that says "Instructor" on the back. I am so glad I went and I'm glad that I have made my way back from my recent visit to Crazy Town. I was on a "Zumba High" as one person called it and I had so much energy after the training, that I even went to the last half of my friend's Zumba class this evening. I got to see some friends/blog readers after class who have been so awesome and supportive of me through all of this. I had a great chat with my friend about it all and I showed her the picture I posted above. She suggested I post another before/after again, so I am going to post an updated version. You can see the first side by side I posted here and the story that goes with it.

Click on the photo to make it bigger. 

Today's The Big Day

Today's the big day!!!!! I feel like such a dork but I cannot stop smiling this morning. Nothing and no one is going to get me down today. I have been as excited, if not more for this, as Bella has been for our trip to Disney World tomorrow.

Yesterday, the run was just not happening. I am going to try and get a run in tomorrow at some point whether it's outside before we leave or on the treadmills at the hotel. I will also have to keep up the strength training while I'm gone so I will have to hit the weights at least once while I'm gone. I will let you all know how that works out. I did go to Zumba yesterday and no tears were shed, it was definitely progress. I am getting over the crazy of the last few days, like I said yesterday, the pity party is over.

In non workout related stuff. Bella and I went out for dinner and karaoke with some friends last night, and it was a blast. I was so worried that Bella would be bored or act out, but she just wanted to sing and did she ever. She even told me at one point that she is a great singer... I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise. It was great to be able to bring her along, but I would love to do it again but kid free, so I can relax a little.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Party Ends Now

The pity party that is. I have been down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself. I still haven't completely gotten over the video thing, and then to add to that I was sort of second guessing myself on the instructor thing. In class on Monday night it hit me, and I could not stop wondering if I had made a gigantic mistake going through with it. Then yesterday, again in class, I was feeling the same way again. I really was feeling sorry for myself. Last night, I was chatting with a friend about the video thing and she brought up a good point which I spent the rest of the night thinking about. She said that old me, the me who was 133 pounds heavier would never have done this. She was right. Had you told me a year ago that I would be doing all of this, I would never have believed you. I guess what it boils down to is that it is tough to see where I am now, it's tough not hiding. It's tough not hiding behind my weight, its not an excuse for not doing things anymore. I know it sounds stupid but I have been working so hard on this and not really dealt with all the emotional crap that goes along with the weight loss. Who knew that the weight loss thing would make me such a friggin' basket case?! For the record, I am still going through with training and I am brushing off the video thing and we are moving on.

In other news, I am headed to the gym in a little while for a long endurance training session with Amy and then a run.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes Videos Are Stupid

I just saw a video on Facebook of the half time performance. Let me just say that it sort of crushed the whole mental image that I had of the thing, because of course in my head I was so much better. The kicker is that because of my size, I sort of stuck out and didn't blend in like a lot of the other participants did. Oh well, going to have to shake it off and move on. Ultimately, I went and I did the darn thing. I felt fine about the whole thing until I saw the video, so I need to try and go back to the place before I saw the video.

This weekend consisted of a whole lot of Zumba. I went to class on Saturday morning, and then did the Zumba thing yesterday as well. Other then that there was no other gym related stuff over the weekend.

Then this morning, my trainer and I had to reschedule because she and her little one were not feeling well. This actually turned out to my advantage because my friend and I were able to go on a long walk this morning. The heat was awful, but according to the runstar app we were able to do 5.6 miles with a pace of 19:26 minutes per mile. I think that the next walk we will break the 6 mile mark. Go us! This evening I am going back to the gym for round 2 and hit up Zumba class.

While I'm at it, let's revisit some of my short term goals that I mentioned in this post.

  • I bought the Zumba pants but they still don't fit. That's ok though because we are getting there, and I think that maybe by the end of next month I will be able to wear them. 
  • Zumba training is on Thursday, and I think that I am in better shape then I was when I set the goal in June.
  • The wedding is coming up in a while, and I have lost some more weight. I have seen some outfits that I like for the occasion. The next step is trekking up to the store to start trying things on.
  • We are getting really close to the September goal which is being down a total of 150 pounds. We are 16 pounds away.... this is totally attainable. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atlanta Dream

Let me just start by tell you all that I will post an update with the weekend's activities a little later today. In just a little while, I am heading out to meet a friend of mine and head up to Phillips Arena. We are taking part in the half time Zumba demo during the Atlanta Dream vs. New York Liberty game today. It's nothing spectacular, but exciting none the less. Wish us luck!

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Made It Back

WOOT WOOT! We made it back in one piece today, and we didn't even need the GPS. We only did three little running intervals, but that is better than the only pitiful one on Wednesday. Again, the conversation was so good and the heat really did make it harder to try to run. We did 4 miles today, and the runstar app said our pace was 19:32 minutes per mile. Not where I'd like it to be, but not bad at all. I am so glad that I have someone to join me.

This evening I went to Groove class which was super fun as always. The double play song was "Ice Ice Baby" and "Low". "Ice Ice Baby", really got me thinking about the true poet of our time, none other than the wordsmith Vanilla Ice. Where did he get the inspiration for his songs? Why should I stop, collaborate and listen? Why was he cooking MC's like a pound of bacon? These questions may go unanswered... how tragic. Here, you can now listen to and contemplate these deep and thoughtful lyrics.

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

If you read Wednesday's post, then you know that for Wednesday's run I went out with a friend and we got lost on the golf cart paths. Well, I went to her Groove class yesterday and she asked if we were doing it again on this morning. How could I pass that up?! I think we are going to change the route up a little today so that we don't end up lost and trying to figure out how we are going to make it back to the gym. Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that we don't get lost.

Yesterday was a hell of a day at the gym, it started with me going to Groove and getting my boogie on. Right after Groove, I trained with Amy and we mixed it up. It was a particularly entertaining training session, that's what I love about training with Amy. We have a little therapy, a little fun and on days like yesterday a whole lot of laughs. Yesterday evening, I had very good intentions of going to Group Active but it just didn't happen, but I did make it to Zumba.... shocking. This time next week, I'll be an officially licensed Zumba instructor and getting ready to head to Disney World with the family. 

Still in gym related stuff, I ran across these bands online the other day and I am going to have to order some to try soon. They are called Bondi Bands and they are supposed to stay in place and wick away sweat. I am not sold on the staying in place bit, but I would love to see if they actually wick away the sweat. Here are a few pictures of the more amusing designs they have available on their bands with sayings. 

Oddly enough, I will run for cupcakes.

Now that you mention it, I will run for beer too, but only good beer.

Well, since you mentioned Margaritas... do I get one if I run a little more? That seems like a fair trade.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, How Do We Get Back To The Gym?

That's what my friend and I were asking ourselves this morning. A friend of mine and I decided to run together today, which was awesome because I have yet to run with anyone else. The morning began with dropping Bella off at the gym's childcare, they will let you leave your child there if you plan on using the golf cart paths around the gym. Then my friend and I were off, we started pretty strong with a brisk walk and then finally made it to the first and only running interval of the entire hour. It was just so hot and miserable and our conversation was just so good that I didn't want to interrupt it with running. You know how that goes... LOL. I used the runstar app on my phone to track our distance and pace, and according to the app we went 3 miles in 58:47 minutes for a pace of 19:24 minutes per mile. Not too bad considering that running on Monday I had a pace of 19:54 and I actually ran my intervals. Anyways, when we got to the 30 minute mark, and went to turn around, we couldn't remember how we had gotten where we did. So, we walked a little more and then asked a couple we came across for help. That would have been fine, had the couple not just moved to Peachtree City and have absolutely no knowledge of the paths. I turned to the trusty phone and it's maps and GPS feature and we eventually found our way back. It was definitely an adventure. We are going to do it again but we may have to find another place to do it, perhaps around the lake here in PTC. It was so motivating to have someone go with me.

After the morning's adventure, I took Bella to a puppet show at one of the local libraries with some of my best friends and their kids. After that we headed to my friend house for some pool time fun. I think that every picture from this summer is going to be taken in the pool because I just love the waterproof camera that Patrick got me for our anniversary/Valentine's Day. The kids had a great time swimming, and playing together.

Then in the afternoon, it was the usual 4:30 Zumba class and thankfully my friend is back from her vacation and she taught the class. It was a hell of a workout, and so much fun. Speaking of Zumba, next Thursday is the big day... I bet you can tell that I am excited. If you are on Facebook you need to check out this video Luis The Zumbaholic, it is hilarious. Then, just for fun, here's a little jazzercise video which just cracks me up. One day we might look at Zumba and laugh at it the same way we kind of do about Jazzercise.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I found and have repossessed my ipod!!! WOOHOOO!!!

(Yes, I have a very old ipod)

Mom 1 vs. Bella 1, 983, 374

Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally Ran

This morning's run was 2.01 miles at a pace of 19:54 per mile. So, on one hand that is really slow, on the other hand, I ran and did the darn thing. I finally ran, but it wasn't a long run. Amy and I chatted and because of a change in our training schedule this week, she suggested I wait until Wednesday to get in the LONG run.

Before, the run I trained with Amy after having missed a session last week. She worked me harder than I thought she would, but I am not complaining because I am getting results. We also started talking about my workout plan for my upcoming trip to Disney, and it's totally do-able.... I GOT THIS. Also, I lost three pounds and I am 19 pounds away from my next goal. I am hoping that by September, I will have reached it. She even brought me a little gift from her convention which was beyond sweet. I was back at it this evening to shake it for Monday night's Zumba session and to top it off, I was actually paying attention. SCORE!

Here let me leave you with some Cake! ENJOY!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I had didn't run yesterday or today, I am planning on going for a long run tomorrow. I did not even make it to the gym at all today... but I actually have a good excuse. I had a senior photo shoot this morning, and childcare is only open in the morning and my husband had to work today. Anyways, the shoot was so much fun, it felt great to be out shooting today, it reminded me why I love doing what I do. Now, I am going to enjoy the rest of my Saturday night and maybe sing a little Bay City Rollers to myself... please feel free to judge me.... I can't blame you, I'm judging myself a little.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Another Thursday

Sitting on the couch icing my knee, and it's not because I had some bad ass workout related injury. When we got home after the gym, Bella ran to hug me as I was sitting at the dining table and she smashed right into my bad knee. OUCH! It was an accident, and I didn't get mad, but it hurt.

I didn't make it to the gym this morning, I was busy working on some PTO stuff for the Welcome Committee which I am the chair of. Maybe I shouldn't have waited so darn long to get this all done... that'll teach me. No, not really, I will probably still end up procrastinating.... I'm just being honest with you. This evening I went to Group Active, and I did the darn thing and changed things up a little. I added more risers to my step and added more weight to the strength training portion, and I kept up. I stayed for Zumba afterwards, and once again, I was off in La La Land. I don't know what was up with me.

Just For Fun

This is not even close to being workout related, but it's pretty amusing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's That Girl?

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, and I don't really mind. I was on the treadmill this morning and I came to the realization that I really need to invest in an ipod. My old ipod was repossessed by a certain 5 year old who has stashed it somewhere in the house, somewhere where I can't find it. Anyways, as for the run itself, it wasn't too bad today. I only ran for 35 minutes, but I ran, so, not too bad. Next run, I am going to try and make it a point to run longer and maybe even take it outside if I can get the little one pumped up to go with me. Today's pace was 20:34 minutes per mile, at least I got it done today.

Before the run, I hit up Group Power class because Amy is out of town so we couldn't train as usual. It was a pretty good class, but I found myself getting distracted and my thoughts were wandering. I was thinking about what I had to get at the store after the gym, and things that had to get done at home. Then, I started thinking that if I ever had the chance to be in a movie, I would want to play a hooker with a heart of gold... you laugh but it's true. I went and shook it in the afternoon at Zumba, it was alright but again I was off in La La Land. Today was just a bit of a mentally disorganized day.

Since I didn't write an entry yesterday I will give you a quick recap. I spent the most of the morning and early afternoon at a friend's house with the kiddo to visit some of our friends. She got to swim and play with some friends that she has known since she was about 17 months old. It was so neat to see them all play together, and to see how their friendship is so easy. It was so nice to hang out with such great friends and it was nice to get our kids together, I just love this group of women. In the evening, I went to Group Active for a change of pace. It had been a while since I had been to Active and I was really surprised with myself. I could have added more risers under my step, I could have added more weight during the strength training portion. It was a nice surprise, and next time I take the class I definitely will be kicking it up a notch.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome Morning!

Had an absolutely awesome morning! I trained with Amy this morning and she was very creative with the workout, it rocked. She gave me a plan for the rest of the week because she'll be gone the rest of the week, so we won't be able to get our regular session in on Wednesday morning. We have some major changes in the works to try to kick things up again.

After the training session, I hit the treadmill and got my run in. I did 45 minutes, and it was so much better today then Friday's awful showing. I worked out my pace, and I am slow, my pace is (17:30/mile). In case you were wondering the minimum pace for the half marathon is 16 minutes per mile, and they suggest training for at least 15 minutes per mile to allow for water, bathroom and picture breaks. I have a long way to go to beat the bus. Also, I haven't registered yet, but I will at the end of the week when I have the funds for it. I will let you all know as soon as I do. 

In other news, on July 25th I will be in the half time show for the Atlanta Dream with other Zumba enthusiasts and instructors. I am pretty excited about it! Also, Zumba training is coming up on the 29th. Then, we leave on the 30th for Disney to celebrate Bella's 6th birthday. All kinds of exciting things going on this month.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not Too Shabby

I weighed in today and I have finally lost some more weight. I am down 4 more pounds and now 22 pounds away from the next goal. I am so glad to finally see a change on the scale, I needed to see that today.

I never got back on here Friday to give you a run down of the day's workouts. I went to Zumba in the morning and then got my run in afterwards. It wasn't as long as I wanted, it was only 30 minutes. Also, it was not as much running and more walking then I wanted to do, but days like that are bound to happen... at least that what my book says, so we'll go with that. In the afternoon, it was back to the gym to go to Group Power for the first time in a LONG time. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Power and it was extra enjoyable because the instructor played old music that I loved and remembered from my last foray into Power. Then it was time once again to shake it in Groove class, it was a great way to finish out the day.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling the effects of Friday's Power class, but it was a good kind of sore. I hit up Zumba in Fayetteville, and had so much fun with the new music we did. After that, it was time to relax and get a pedicure with a friend and the little one. Bella thought she was pretty hot stuff getting her finger nails and toes painted. I enjoyed just being able to do something that I do not get to do too often, and enjoy it with a great friend. We headed to lunch after that, and I had to have a mango daiquiri. It was only one drink, so it not so bad. That being said, I need to go back to using my list of better drink choices when I feel the need to indulge because I could have made a better choice.

I am taking today off, I have some errands to run, work to finish. Plus, I have to take Bella to a friend's birthday party and I am excited to get to see some friends that I do not get to see often enough.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shaking Things Up FAIL

So, yesterday was a FAIL in the shaking things up department. I had these big plans of hitting up Group Active before Zumba last night and as you may have already guessed, that didn't happen. In the morning, I thought I would try a different class, but I still went to Groove. Oh well, I guess that we can't win them all.

Today, is going to be better in the shaking things up department. I am going to Zumba and get my run in this morning. Then this evening, I am going to go to Group Power for the first time in years and stay for Groove afterwards. Ok, so adding Group Power to the mix isn't a huge change, but it's something different.  Different is good... right?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think the title says it all. I woke up pretty sore from yesterday's pilates class, and I knew that it was only going to get worse after today's training session. This morning's session was tough, and it is definitely going to be felt in the morning. We worked with some bands around my ankles and it was definitely a site to see. I think I might have heard some of the old dudes at the gym laughing at me.... darn those old people.  Nothing about the workout made me look bad ass, actually, I felt like an idiot, but it was a pretty bad ass workout. We shook things up today!

I got my run in afterwards, and it just helped put me in such a good place. I was able to run for 45 minutes today instead of the 30 minutes I had been doing, so that helped make me feel a lot more accomplished. I'm definitely feeling so much better about the running situation in general. I was starting to lose steam and motivation. I am actually looking forward to Friday's run. In the afternoon, I went and got some booty shaking in because I just can't stay away.

I got to finish out my day at the pool with the little one and some friends, the kiddos swam and the adults got to enjoy a nice cold beer. Don't judge me, sometimes Mama needs a nice adult beverage. Nothing could have been better.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Registration Opens

Registration is officially open for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, my reason for starting the running thing and this blog. I can't afford to register for it today, but I will soon and I will let you all know once I do. I am so excited! Check out the blog entry from the Disney Parks Blog, there are pictures of some of the things that people wore last year. Personally, I am planning on a tiara and tutu combination because we all know that tiaras and tutus just coordinate so well. 

Pilates Take 2

I'm just going to go ahead and say it, pilates and I are never going to be best friends. I am never going to be the chick in the picture I posted. First of all, I would probably hurt myself or get stuck getting into that position. Secondly, I would probably pee myself laughing if I actually managed to get into that position, and that would just be embarrassing. I did have a few times where I thought I might burst out laughing but I think that not going with anyone helped keep me from having an outburst. I felt like such a dork doing some of those exercises, and there were some that I could not do at all. Not being able to do some of those things was frustrating but I didn't leave or quit. There are things that we worked that are going to be sore tomorrow, and I know this because they are already slightly uncomfortable.

All these things being said, I will be going back for more torture... I mean a super fun time. I am a glutton for punishment, plus, it's all about changing things up!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shaking Things Up

This week's motto is "shake things up".  I have to make some changes this week to see if I can get some better results this week. I am changing the eating, the activities, and the frame of mind.

This morning, I trained with Amy and we definitely shook things up. We did some things today that made me feel super bad ass and super uncoordinated all at the same time. Like working on the weight machines while standing on a Bosu ball, I must have been quite a sight to see. The good thing is that I didn't fall, but I came close. It was a super tough workout but I couldn't complain because this week is going to be my week.

After the session, I got my run in. I did the walk-run-walk method and I actually had a better pace doing it that way then I did with the C25K program. I know that I don't need to worry about pace right now, but it did make me feel so much better about the new way of doing things. The run was so much more enjoyable and I was able to do it a little longer then what I had been doing. It was a great way to start this week of shaking things up.

Three Days Without The Gym

I know that is going to sound odd, but it's such a part of my daily routine that not going just felt weird. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the heck out of the break, but I am ready to get back to my daily routine. I have to train with Amy this morning, we are changing things up today so it should make for an interesting session. I weighed in yesterday, and didn't lose anything this past week, so it's time to change it up.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Turning It Around

I got a run in yesterday and it was day 14 of the C25K training. I was able to do most of it, and I am not even worried that I didn't get it done the way the program lays it out. I was really bummed about this at first, but after talking someone about it, I felt much better about the whole situation. I think I might ditch the C25K program and just follow the Galloway program instead. So, I have some more reading to do.

Yesterday, I trained with Amy and it was definitely a different workout but in a good way. Then in the evening I hit the treadmills to get the run in before Zumba. After Zumba class, I got the nicest surprise from a friend in the class. She came up to me after class and handed me a 13.1 sticker. It was just such a sweet and thoughtful gift, and I appreciate it so much. To the wonderful person who gave me the sticker, if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am going to keep that sticker with me so I can use it as motivation. As soon as I finish that half marathon, that sticker is going on my car!

Today might be a gym free day, we will have to play it by ear. I am going to White Water with Bella, my mother in law, sister in law, niece and nephew, so I might not be up to doing anything else after all that fun and excitement.
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