Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Friday, November 26, 2010

That Felt Good...

K and I set out for our first run together in a while. We didn't go with any particular plan, other than just see how we were feeling and gauge from there how far we would go. It was a wonderful run, we had some moments there where we were going faster than our normal little shuffle and could have passed for real runners. That being said, I did have a few times where I had to pull back because I was having some breathing issues, but that is to be expected when I'm still trying to kick the bronchitis and when we were talking up a storm. K had to tell me to stop talking and/or walk a few times because it was clear that I couldn't both run and chat when I started having the breathing problems. Then around mile 4 it started to rain, at first it was a nice little mist, but then it really started coming down. I know that some of you live in parts of the country where running in the rain is a fact of life, but around here not so much. So we considered it a pretty bad ass moment to run in the rain. Plus, we really didn't have any other choice seeing as we were fairly far from the cars. We did decide that it was a failure to plan for it on our part. We need to wear some visors or caps next time it rains so we don't have raindrops dripping down our noses, and messing with my glasses. Also, I really need to go ahead and get fitted for contacts because glasses and running don't really go together all that well. Anyways, I managed to get my run in and run out the anger from yesterday.

Alright, yesterday's race was a disaster. I have had enough time to get over the anger from yesterday. I got to the location and when was parking my car a group of runners were leaving which I found odd. They told me that the race was running behind schedule. I got my stuff together, picked up my race number and decided that I would wait and see how delayed they actually were. The 5K was supposed to go at 8, and the 10K was to go at 8:30. At 8:30, no one was lined up for the 5K, they still hadn't gone when I ended up leaving at 9. I left... why you ask. Well, it was Thanksgiving and I promised my husband that I would be home at a reasonable hour because we had to be at his family's get together at 2. There was no way that I was going to make it home at a reasonable time if they still hadn't started the 5K at 9. This race was already a point of contention at home, and the last thing I needed to do was push it and really start a fight by coming home really late. I was mad yesterday. I was mad at the race people because of the lack of organization, I was mad that I had to leave, I was mad because I really wanted to do it. I was also mad because the person whom I was supposed to run with was sick, she really couldn't help that but I had the anger ball rolling at that point. I was a pissy b*tch. That being said, everything happens for a reason, as if I wasn't getting enough signs that I wasn't meant to do the race, my car stalled out on the way to the race. I was joking with K later in the day that it just meant that I wasn't meant to do races without her, she agreed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

First of all, I realize this is sort of late, but you know I couldn't do anything early... because that's how I roll. I had originally started to write a post where I was complaining about what happened with my 10K this morning. I decided to scrap that because there really wasn't much of a point of putting all that negativity out there. I will give you a quick review of what happened tomorrow after I've had some more time to get over it. Anyways, it's Thanksgiving and really I just need to focus on all the wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for, more specifically the people and things from 2010.

  • Bella- I am always going to be grateful for her but she said something to me back in January that was the final spark that I needed to start on this whole journey. 
  • Patrick- Again, I will always be grateful for him but he too was a driving force in my journey. I wanted to try to make changes in my life with the hopes that he would make some changes too. We have gone through a lot this year, but I am so thankful to have him as my husband and partner in crime.... errr I mean life. (I know, so cheesy)
  • Amy- She pushed me to step out of my comfort zones in so many aspects of my gym and personal life. She has turned out to be an incredible friend too. She has been so instrumental in my success this past year. She has been my cheerleader, pr person, butt kicker, and therapist.
  • K- Who knew that when I met her that she would become one of my dearest friends. She has also pushed me not just with the running but in my personal life in ways that I would never have been able to push myself. Plus, she is REAL with me, she does not pull any punches and I just love that. 
  • All of my incredible friends, new and old. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I want to send a shout out to a specific few who have been particularly great this year... Christina, Jen W., Shannon, Sarah & Kareen. Love you all! 
  • Zumba- I am so grateful for Zumba, it truly was such a driving force in changing my life. It was my first group fitness class on this foray back into the gym. I still remember that first class where I stood in the back of the room, holding back tears because it took so much for me to just walk into that room. I cried during the class because I just felt like I had no business being in that class, but I was having so much fun at the same time. I stayed through that first class, and just kept going back for more. 
  • Running- I never thought I would ever run, this little adventure has changed my life. It has challenged me physically and mentally. It's taught me so much about how much I am truly capable of. 
  • All of you- You keep me on track, lift me up and are all around AWESOME! 
  • This blog- It has given me a place to keep track of all my progress, an outlet for my crazy, and a place to celebrate my successes. 

Haven't Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

Seriously, I haven't... promise. I have actually been trying to kick this bronchitis and actually doing some real work. It's that crazy little side gig that occasionally gives me some extra cash... my photography business. It's that time of year when everyone is frantically trying to get their holiday photos done so they can get their cards out. Great for business, not so great for blogging, but I really can't complain.

In other news, I had to reschedule the Zumba auditions and they are next week. I am pretty excited and I feel good about the auditions. I just have to keep practicing and pray and hope that I don't mess up too badly. I just have to keep telling myself that "I Got This".

As for running, I have my first 10K in the morning and I will be running by myself which is a first for a race. I have been mentally preparing myself for this and K said I could call her and chat with her during the race if I needed to. Can you picture me on my phone chatting away during a race?! Actually, for those who know me well, they would probably tell you that isn't really all that surprising. I know it's going to go well, I am ready for this.

Now, that things are starting to settle a little, I will be blogging more frequently, because I know you are dying to read what I have to say. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat lots of delish food and have a drink or five for me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Another Blog Entry

I had a doctor's appointment Friday morning, it was one I made a while back and it just sort of worked out that I was sick to boot. Anyways, after getting the once over from the fine doctor, she informed me that I have some mild bronchitis.... FANTASTIC. So, I am on some meds, I have a new inhaler, and she said I could get back to exercising the way I am used to in 3 days. I can handle that, for the most part. I did ask if I could at least go for a walk because I was starting to climb the walls and go a little stir crazy. She okayed that, so I was at least some what happy. After that, I went for a nice walk with K. I tried to jog a little but it wasn't working so well for me, turns out the doctor was probably on to something when she told me to talk it easy. Plus, K was there to keep me in line, and she did a few times when I tried jogging. Also, ended up having to reschedule the Zumba auditions because it was pretty apparent after our walk that I had no business trying to do this while I wasn't feeling 100%.

Friday afternoon, I get a call from my mom asking what our plans were for the weekend because she was coming to visit. It was a total surprise, and Bella was just beyond excited about having Grandma come for a visit. Then, Saturday night I find out that my dad was coming down on Sunday morning, he wanted time with Bella too. Bella is being spoiled rotten, and I am going to have to do some major damage control on the spoilage going on. They go back to Toronto on Tuesday, so that's going to be a difficult day for the pint sized dictator.

By the way, I signed up for a Thanskgiving 10k. Hope I feel 100% by then.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Non Running News...

So, I decided to for go running yesterday and today. I've also stayed away from the gym all together, I haven't been feeling well enough and I worry about making myself even worse by pushing it. One of my biggest fears is getting bronchitis as bad as I did last year. I was so sick last December that I could barely walk a few steps without being winded, but then again my weight had a hand in that too. In any case, I am trying my best to avoid being that sick again, plus I am hoping that I can get myself together in time to run on Friday morning.

Another reason I am taking it easy is so I can be well enough to teach a little on Saturday morning. Yup, you read that right. I had some Zumba opportunities come up, and I couldn't be more excited about it. The one on Saturday is a really casual thing to see if this particular gym is going to be a good fit for me. This particular opportunity is incredible because it's close to home and it pays really well. Then there is a second opportunity, it doesn't pay well but it's a Zumba job. The second gym wants me to teach an entire class as my audition, they are looking to fill the position as soon as possible. To be honest, I am not too sure about the second gym, but I have to go and try it out because I might be pleasantly surprised. Let's see if anything comes of these opportunities.

Alright kids, it's bed time but I will leave you with a song featured on Modern Family (one of my fave shows) tonight.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I've developed a lovely cold, and let me tell you this isn't fun at all. I am going with the "neck up" rule and I went did a walk on the treadmill because it was raining. I even managed to make it to Zumba but today was a struggle in class. I HATE being sick! The worst part is that Amy wants me to be logging at least 20 miles per week, which means I have to run tomorrow and I am being a whiney miserable b*tch. Right now I would rather live on my couch and drown myself in popcorn. UGH! It's time for some nyquil.

GOTR Atlanta 5K Race Report

BP means... well the P stands for please, you can guess what the B means. We so had that!

Let me just start by telling you guys that I did better than last time, especially because I didn't cry... SCORE!!! The morning started with K and Amy meeting me at my place and heading out from there. Once we got there, we parked and made our way over the the expo and number pick up. I know this is going to sound awful but it was not what I expected at all. I guess I thought there would be more to it. Anyways, at the bright point was the bakery giving away delicious bread that they drizzled with honey. Ultimately, I was there for the race not the festivities. We did manage to make a sign with our motto, and we had to get a pic of us holding it because we so had that.

So, the start of this race was cramped, and I mean CRAMPED. The first part of the race was crowded and tight, and due to the nature of the race there were also a lot of those little people. The thing with having a lot of kids in a race is the fact that you have a lot of bobbing and weaving to do because kids randomly stop, turn around and run against the flow to meet up with their friends, it definitely made it interesting. The other issues were the people who sort of meandered and would not let you pass, if I had to slow down or walk I moved over to the side so I wasn't blocking the road, I don't get why other people didn't do the same. K, Amy and I had some interesting conversations. let me just tell you that K has some of the best stories ever. Her work stories are particularly wonderful because she gets to work with some pretty interesting people and in some pretty interesting places. The stories really helped pass the time because for some reason this race just felt like the first two miles took FOREVER to get through. Then between mile 2 and 3 I started having some breathing trouble, it wasn't that bad but it FREAKED me out. Again, goes to show you how much of a mental game running can be. Needless to say, I will not forget my inhaler in the car again. I had to walk a little more than I would have liked but I managed. Mentally speaking, I had a few mental roadblocks but not like I did last time, not even close. I think that the mental roadblocks will become easier to deal with as I get more miles under my belt. It probably helped that there weren't any sprinting grannies this time. There were some logistical issues in the race as well. The water stop was a gigantic mess, there were line ups to get water so we just skipped it all together because it really was just too much. The finish was split into a female chute and a male chute which wasn't a problem, the problem was that the whole thing was incredibly cramped and felt a little claustrophobic. It just felt sort of disorganized. That being said, I will probably do another one of this organization's race again because I believe in their programs and they really need the money that they raise through their events.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Alright, I am in a mad dash to get everything ready for my 5K tomorrow. I have this thing about making sure that I have everything I might need and then some. I've set out my clothes for the morning, the socks that I insist on wearing tomorrow are being washed as I type this and I packed a bag with a change of clothes, extra socks, wallet and my spibelt. I don't know why I feel the need to have a change of clothes but I do, and it helps me feel prepared. Plus, I have checked my alarm clock a million times to make sure I have it set to the correct time. So, my question for you is... How do you prepare for your races big and small?

Also, I have a plan for tomorrow's race. Want to hear/read it? It's a great plan.... JUST FINISH THE DARN THING! Preferably without tears and definitely with less walking than last race.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Faves Friday

Other blogs have Three Thing Thursdays but I thought My Faves Friday would be pretty awesome too. Alright, it's more because I'm a copycat and it's not Thursday.

This Friday's Faves
  • Running mates from this morning, Shannon and Sarah who pushed my lazy butt 
  • Peppermint tea
  • Power Protein Plate from Starbucks! It's delish and it's 370 cals, 13 grams of protein and 36 grams of carbs.
  • Knitting. After chatting with my friend Anna, I am totally going to try and take up knitting again, it's been years.
  • CUPCAKES!!! Well, because it's a cupcake... geez what other reason do I need?!
I ran with Sarah and Shannon this morning, and it was fun. Although, to be honest I was so nervous about running with them that I even had bad dreams about it last night. Again, these were not rational fears but you know what we all know that I am a little off, so let's just run with it. Just goes to show how much of a mental game running can be. Anyways, the run was fun, they really did push me this morning and I needed it because I was dragging and being whiney. Loved the girl time and loved the gossip, this is one of the perks of running with awesome girls. If I were to have these chats with myself, people would just think I was the crazy girl who talks to herself.... I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. After I left them, I met up with my friend Anna for some tea and the aforementioned protein plate at Starbucks. We chatted about a little of everything, including some crafty stuff. I think I am ready to unleash the inner Martha again, and at least start knitting again. I got two patterns from Anna and I am going to give them a go. This evening I got to Groove and who was there but none other than one of my most incredible friends... Lisa. We Grooved it out and went out and got some really tasty mexican food afterwards. Nothing says good job in class today quite like chips and salsa. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok, So Second Doesn't Suck That Much

My ILIATC Jamie,  Me, my trainer Amy
Weigh Cool, the ILIATC winning team!!

So, as the title implies, I didn't win. I came in second, but we already knew that and I was prepared to deal with it. What I was not prepared for was what else going to happen last night, which just blew me away. Ok, the little shindig started with stats about the program, and there were over 800 pounds lost between all the teams involved this go around. Try and picture that... it's insane! GO ALL OF US ILIATC PEEPS! Then, the team winners were announced. Amy's team (the team that the thorn in my side was on) won third place, and Jamie's teams won first and second. When they announced that the team that everyone thought was going to win actually came in second, I was floored and so excited all at the same time. We were the underdogs of her two teams because we were the all female team, but we pulled it out and won!!! Weigh Cool really was WAY COOL! Then we got the individual results and they announced the third place chick and gave her stats, and we all cheered for her. Then the dude in charge of all the trainers started his little speech about the second place person, and as soon as he said it was someone working with two of his trainers, I started welling up. No, there's no crying at "Lost It"! So I started singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" to myself, because who can cry with that song?! *that was a little trick I learned on my wedding day* He had some of the sweetest things to say about me and my progress, even he was tearing up. I just sat there shaking and my team kept telling me to stand up but I couldn't bring myself to do it because then I would for sure cry... and it would be the ugly cry. Then, he surprised me with the sweetest gift, he said he was so impressed with what I have done over since January that he gave me a $150 gift certificate to spend on anything at the gym. Then he moved on to announce the over all winner... the dude. I actually felt bad for the guy because it was so anti-climatic. Even the speech that Amy had to give about him was sort of lack lustre. The kicker was that dude had no idea that the prize was a free year at the gym, and he didn't seem to care about it that much. Seriously?! So, there you have it... it all actually worked out pretty well. Not exactly the way I would have hoped it would but it was still pretty frickin' awesome. To top off a great night, Amy, A and myself went out for chips, salsa and margaritas afterwards to celebrate. Just so you know, my stomach still feels like it's on fire from eating and drinking all that. Isn't that sad?

Ok, I had to add a video because RR from posted a video of Boyz 2 Men on her facebook and now I can't get the song out of my head. I'm even doing the little dance that I had made up for this when I was a kid.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pity Party Is Over

Alright peeps, I am done with my ILIATC pity party. I am feeling a little disorganized today so I am going to try and organize my thoughts in bullet form today. Let's just go with it.

  • Talked to Amy yesterday, obviously, and we had a wonderful chat after I was done losing my sh*t about "Lost It". I cried, she got teary eyed, it was a delightful mess. Don't worry, they were good tears.
  • Amy left me some homework. I have to come up with a spiel that I am going to give people when they ask about the weight loss, because they will and they do. I have a tendency to clam up about it. Secondly, and sort of tied in with the blog, she wants me to start writing about the weight journey. We're talking from the beginning. She wants me to do it now because I'm still in the process and it's still fresh and pretty raw. 
  • Last point actually ties in with something that K said to me on Saturday morning. She said that it would be selfish to not share my story with people. She meant more than just the blog. 
  • We talked about was about my inability to wrap my head around what is going on with me and the changes in my body. K and Amy keep telling me that what I see, isn't what everyone else sees when it comes to my body and what I am doing. It might be time for me to find some a therapist. *just a side note- I must look like a crazy person because I'm blogging from Starbuck's and I am sitting here trying to hide the fact that I am crying... CRAZY TOWN*
  • I'm a firm believer that people come in and out of your life for a reason. With all the emotional mess I've been feeling, I feel very grateful for all the incredible people who have come into my life. Especially those who have and are helping me through this weight loss and half marathon journey. 
  • I think I am done being an emotional mess. 
  • Wait, there's more.... nope, I'm done.
Off to walk with my dear friend. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Ask Questions That You Don't Want The Answer To

Today's lesson ladies and gentleman is don't ask questions that you don't really want the answers to. I actually have a positive entry about today to post but that will have to wait until later. Right now, I just have to get this mess of my chest. I had coffee with Amy this morning and I asked her how that guy did in his weigh in, and he beat me. He beat me, it was by a fraction of a percent. I WAS PISSED OFF! I have calmed down considerably but I am still disappointed. At least, now I am prepared for Wednesday because I still plan on going to the awards thing. My team most likely ended up in the top 3 and I want to be there for that. I also plan on thanking the dude for making me work harder then I would if I weren't trying to beat him. Ultimately, I may not have put in that kind of effort had he and I not been so close in percentage. Going to go dance it out tonight at Groove with A. Just so you all know, I feel like the friggin' Susan Lucci of Lost It At The Club.

*Edited to add- I'm not actually supposed to know his results....*

It's Vlog-ilicious

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Can Almost See The Finish Line!

Before I even tell you about the insane days I've had, I want to send a shout out to Shannon who wasn't mentioned in the vlog entry. She changes her tennis schedule to come to contortion on Tuesday mornings and she's one of my Zumba peeps. Shannon, you're awesome!!!

I forgot to mention in the vlog entry that I went shopping with my dear friend, she was shopping for a dress for a wedding. While she was trying on clothes, I found a dress that I just had to try on. I didn't know what size to pick so, I picked multiple sizes and started from the biggest size and moved down. I put on a dress in a size I haven't worn in a LONG time. I was so excited that I walked out of the dressing room and started singing and even did a little dance. It was a sight to see... If I had a super nice occasion to go to, I'd go back and buy the dress. 

So, after I got my Housewives fix Wednesday morning, I headed to the gym and trained with Amy. SHE KICKED MY BUTT! I am thoroughly grateful though because it was some good therapy thrown in there for good measure, and heaven knows I needed the therapy.  After that, I got in a short run on the treadmill before I went to cycle class, I really cannot stand the treadmill. Anyways, I went to cycle and would you believe that the instructor played "Cheeseburger In Paradise", that is simply cruelty to fatties. I was so hungry and the song nearly sent me over the edge. I went to Zumba that afternoon and got to see Sarah and Shannon which is always fun, I love those girls. I was so ramped up after class, I felt like a bit of a crack head. I finally managed to tire myself out after going to Groove class later that evening. 

Thursday, I went to Amy's pilates class, and it was awesome. Her class is challenging but we also had a lot of laughs which helped the class simply fly by. I did not go to Groove, I needed the rest. Instead, I went to help my friend Christina find some accessories to go with the dress she bought on Tuesday's shopping adventure. Let me tell you, I learned a valuable lesson, I cannot be left alone in Charming Charlie's. I was picking accessories left and right, and I would have spent a small fortune had I not just put my basket down and walked out of the store. I had to laugh at myself a little because I get a little crazed when it comes to accessories of any kind. Then Thursday evening, I went to Group Active for the first time in a long time, and I stayed for Zumba immediately after that.

This morning K, Sarah and I went to for our long run. Thank goodness for Sarah because K and I were dragging. Sarah pulled us through today.... thank you! It was a different dynamic and a ton of fun to have more of us running together... it just worked out so well. Plus, it was nice to have a third for when we have to face off with the Stroller Mafia who will not budge and take up the entire golf cart path. After we finished our 7 miles, we all headed to lunch together. What could be better?! K and I went to Groove this evening, and I am so glad that she came because I was struggling and I don't know if I would have worked as hard had she not been there. 

So, tomorrow is the big weigh in and then I have to wait until Wednesday night to find out if I won. At this point, I still want to win but I am also ready for this to be over because I'm ready to get my head out of Crazy Town. As much as I enjoy being Mayor McCheese, the mayor of Crazy Town, I am ready to have my brain back to Normalville. Wish me luck! I saw the dude who's in second as I was leaving the gym tonight, I hope he only puts in a half as*ed effort. 

Pre Long Run Spark

Sarah and I got our Spark on before our run this morning.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pancake Wishes and Cupcake Dreams

Just ignore the fact that I look like a hot mess. It feels so weird to vlog, my eyes were darting around everywhere... I looked like a crazy person. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Eye Of The Tiger

*singing Eye Of The Tiger to myself*

The "I Lost It At The Club" standings for this past week are in and I am back in first. Plus, my team is also in first place... double plus!! The final weigh in is on Saturday and the winners will be announced on Wednesday November 10th evening at the little "Lost It" celebration thing.

*It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight.....*
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