Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Race I've Finished

9/4/10 Sunrise On The Square Road Race 5K - Newnan, GA Race Report
10/16/10 Peachtree City Classic Women's 5K - Peachtree City, GA Race Report
11/14/10 Girls On The Run Atlanta 5K - Atlanta, GA Race Report
12/11/10 Bedford Dasher 5K - Fairburn, GA Race Report
1/8/11 Frostbite 5K - Peachtree City, GA Race Report (I PR'd!!!)
1/22/11 Atlanta Track Club Peachtree City 5K- Peachtree City, GA Race Report
2/12/11 Heart To Heart Road Race 5K- Peachtree City, GA Race Report
2/27/11 Disney's Princess Half Marathon - Disney World (MY FIRST HALF) Race Report
3/13/11 ShamRock N' Roll Road Race 5K - Atlanta, GA (I PR'D!!) Race Report
4/2/11 Knock Out Cancer 5K - Marietta, GA Race Report
4/9/11 Great Urban Race - Atlanta, GA Race Report
4/21/11 Jelly Bean 10K Virtual Race - Peachtree City, GA Race Report (First 10K)
4/30/11 Girls On The Run Atlanta 5K - Atlanta, GA Race Report (Bella's first 5K)
6/4/11 Runaway Bride and Diva Dash 5K - McDonough, GA Race Report
7/4/11 Independence Virtual 5K - Peachtree City, GA Race Report
10/2/11 13.1 Atlanta - Atlanta, GA (Half Marathon #2) Race Report
10/15/11 Peachtree City Classic Women's 5K 2011 - Peachtree City, GA Race Report
10/16/11 North Face Endurance Challenge 5K- Pine Mountain, GA (First trail race) Race Report
10/22/11 Run Like Hell 5K Atlanta, GA
10/29/11 Silver Comet Half Marathon Atlanta, GA (Half Marathon #3)
11/5/11 Rock N' Roll Savannah Half Marathon Savannah, GA (Half Marathon #4)
12/31/11 Brita Resolution 5K Toronto, Ontario, Canada (First International Race)
2/26/12 Disney's Princess Half Marathon - Disney World (Half Marathon #5)
3/18/12 Georgia Publix Half Marathon - Atlanta,GA (Half Marathon #6)
6/3/12 Niagara Women's Half Marathon - Niagara Falls, ON Canada (First Int'l Half and Second Int'l Race, Half Marathon #7)
11/18/12 Route 66 Marathon - Tulsa, OK- Was supposed to be the full, ended up having to call it part way through and just finishing the half. (Half Marathon #8)
12/12 Jingle Jog - Atlanta, GA
1/13  Hot Chocolate 15K - Atlanta, GA
3/6/13 Color Run - Atlanta, GA
12/7/13 Jingle Jog - Atlanta, GA
1/26/14  Hot Chocolate 5K - Atlanta, GA
2/22/14 Disney's Inaugural Enchanted 10K - Disney World (Part 1 of Glass Slipper Challenge)
2/23/14 Disney's Princess Half Marathon - Disney World (Part 2 of Glass Slipper Challenge and Half Marathon #9)

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