Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jumping In

I totally looked bad ass like that in the water today.... yeah right! So, I got in the water today with Amy there to guide me through the workout and for company. Let me tell you, I had to let go of my ego and such when I got in the water because I am sure that I looked like a massive dork. I did some jogging in the water with some interval work with the water dumbbells. There was nothing cool or bad ass looking about the workout. When I was doing sprints in the water, I swear there was a point where I felt like I wasn't moving at all. Some of the sprints were with the water dumbbells and I actually liked that better then doing it without the dumbbells. Even though, I felt and looked like a dork, it was a great way to get in some active recovery. I am going to be incorporating this into my week's routine, especially on days after crazy gym days like yesterday. The other positive aspect of this workout is that it didn't hurt my knees, that was welcomed relief.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Next Stop... Crazy Town

I am one tired and sore girl tonight. Today was mega workout day and there will be more of these to come in the next few weeks because of this ILIATC business. I want to win darn it! I started with a run/walk session this morning, I got in 3.26 miles in 65 minutes. Super slow pace, but I got the workout and the miles in so I'm pretty jazzed about it. After that, I trained with Amy and got in another killer workout, and she just added to the soreness that I had left over from Saturday's workout. I went back to the gym this evening and got in another 1.25 miles in 24 minutes before Zumba. Again, like the pace earlier today it was slow, but I did the darn thing. Then I got in a round of Zumba, just for an added element of fun. I am just wiped after all that. Tomorrow, should be interesting. I am going to take it easier and just hit the pool with Amy for a session of aqua jogging. I am sure it will make for an interesting entry tomorrow. All this working out makes me think that I am going to be making a trip to Crazy Town.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playlist Help

I am working on putting together a playlist for the days I have to run on my own. Help me, I need some inspiration. Leave a comment and tell me what songs you just have to listen to while you are running or just working out.

For the record, I love all kinds of music so I am open to everything.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walk It Out

K and I walked it out yesterday, we walked it out for 4.4 miles. It was great, we had a good walk and a good chat, who needs a therapist?! Before the walk, I trained with Amy and it was a great workout, but I think that the Slam I drank before the workout didn't hurt either because I had a ton of energy. Actually, I was slightly spazzy but that's not out of character for me. Then in the evening I went to Groove, and took my beloved Spark before that class. Thank goodness for that because I am having some major diet coke withdrawals since I started ILIATC. Plus, it helped me get through the class because I wasn't really feeling like being at the gym last night.

This morning, I had my ILIATC weigh in and workout. The workout was awesome and tough and I loved it. Who would have thought I'd ever say that, but I did, I loved the whole thing. As for the weigh in, I didn't lose as much as I would have liked but that is my own doing, I did not work out enough this week to get the results I wanted. That being said, I still did lose weight and I am now down 145 pounds since I started going to the gym and changing my lifestyle back in January. WOOHOO!!! Now that I am 5 pounds away from the 150 tattoo goal, I have decided that getting a tattoo right now might not be the best idea I've ever had. I am going to be honest and tell you that I am chickening out just a little. That's right, I said it... I'm a chicken. When I set the goal for myself, it seemed so far away and now it's basically here and I am scared. It's a big decision and the other issue is my body is still changing and the tattoo might change with it. I might have to live with a dilapidated janky looking tattoo if I don't think it over. I think it's something I am going to have to revisit in a few months once I've made more progress. I am going to revisit and revise my short and long term goals this weekend. I will share them with all of you as soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Backing Out Now

It's official, no backing out now, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! It's starting to get a l little more real and a whole lot more scary, but that's ok, I got this. Just have to make sure I am fast enough to not get picked up by the bus. I don't care if I'm last across the finish line, I just want to finish it. I got this!

I hit up Groove this morning to dance it out with K&A, it was a groovy good time. Afterwards, I got on the treadmill to try and get in a short run. I surprised myself, I wasn't particularly fast but I was talking to K when I started running after my warm up, and when I looked down to see how much time had passed I saw that I had been running for almost 5 minutes straight. I know that for those of you who are seasoned runners, this isn't a big deal but this is HUGE in my world. My confidence went through the roof! So, after a super short walk break, I tried to see if I could run for 5 again, and I didn't quite make it but I think it's because I was thinking about it and wigged myself out. Regardless, I am still pretty darn proud, and I plan on riding this high today. It's the little things right?!

K and I have plans for a walk or run tomorrow, depends on how we feel and how our joints are doing. I can't wait because I love our time together just chatting about everything. Before that I am training with Amy and I should have plenty of therapy between the both of them to get me through the weekend at the very least. LOL I need the therapy session(s).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning, after taking the Munchkin to school and making myself presentable, I headed to meet my dear friend A. She wanted some shopping help, she's taking a trip next week with some of her girl friends to celebrate her incredible weight loss. Anyways, we spent the morning shopping, and putting together some awesome outfits. It was so much fun, and a nice escape for the day.

We decided that we would both go to Zumba and stay for Group Power in the afternoon. We are on the same "Lost It" team and we really needed to push each other. It reminded me of what our ILIATC trainer Jamie says, we are the variable in our success and the team's success. I had an awesome calorie burn, but I was starving after the class. Lesson learned, bring a snack next time so I am not tempted to eat everything in sight. Plus, I'm just plain ol' exhausted.

Snug Life

Get this tee at

I had the Tuesday date with my friends for Contortion (aka Group Centergy) class. We walked in with about 10 minutes before class started and almost all the spots were already taken. We were stuck up front. The spot I was in was the normal spot for the lady who inspired the snuggies at Centergy, when she walked in, she was none too happy. She looked like she was going to cut a b*tch, I was scared there would be some street sh*t happening in Peachtree City this morning. During the rest time we pulled out the snuggies again. Well, at least Sarah and I did, Shannon just wasn't cool enough... yet. We'll have to do something about that. We were definitely living the Snug Life this morning. We kept the fun going and headed to Starbucks for a little coffee and a chat. What a great way to spend the morning!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Running with Munchkin

Yesterday morning, I took Bella with me on a run... at least I had every intention to run. We started with a warm up walk, and started running. It looked like it was going to go well, and we would be able to get at least 2 miles in, that is until she saw a squirrel. It turned into a walk rather quickly because it was hard to focus on running when there was critters, and interesting leaves and shiny things to distract her. She's 6, wasn't really all that surprising. It was ok because we had fun regardless, and I am going to try again tomorrow. She really wants to run the 5K in February at her school, so we are going to work on it so we can run it together. The runstar app said we walked 1.2 miles, I told her that next time we are going to go for the full 2 miles even if we just walk it.

Then in the evening I headed to Groove. My running buddy (who from now on will be referred to as K) and my friend A were teaching. K&A make an awesome teaching team, they just have a great rapport on stage and it puts the class in a positive place. It was great to dance it out, but man my arms and legs were sore during the class from the workout the day before.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Kick Off

Today was the kick off for ILIATC and it was quite the workout. The trainer for our team really is more of a coach personality which I really liked it because was a different experience for me. This workout was so she could see what we could and couldn't do and I think to see how far we were willing to push. I know for sure that next week will be more challenging and she will be expecting us to give more. The emphasize on the team was strong, and we had to keep repeating some of the exercises until we were all doing them together. Making us accountable to the team I think is the key to my personal success as well as the team's, she expects us to win and I want us to win. I like winning... actually, I love winning. Gotta get to work and modify the diet immensely. No alcohol, or cupcakes for the next eight weeks... I can do anything for eight weeks... right? Tonight, I am going to see Eat, Pray, Love with some friends.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Bella on a run with me... wish me luck.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Follow Up

Like I mentioned in the update I posted via text earlier today I went to the doctor for my MRI follow up. Everything came back ok, well, relatively ok. The only thing the MRI showed was the arthritis that we could already see from the x-rays. She said that I really need to focus on strengthening the knee, and gave me some exercises to do to help. She also said that getting more weight off will bring me some relief as well. I know what I have to do, and I plan on doing it because I want to feel better.

So, before the appointment, my friend and I logged 4.4 miles. I was pretty darn proud of us, we ran a little further and ran a little faster than we did last time. Hooray for progress!!! Our pace was 16:00 per mile, much better than we have been doing. It was a super motivating morning. Next run, will be so much better.
Great news! The doctor said the MRI came back okay. I'll give you a proper update when I get home. Can't update you properly via text.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight Loss Update

I forgot to give you all an update about my weight loss after weighing in on Saturday. I am now down 139 pounds since January, and 11 pounds away from my next goal. Now, that I am so close to the goal, it's getting a little real and I have some research and decisions to make. I am planning on getting a small tattoo to celebrate when I get to 150 lost, and then when I get to my final goal weight I will add a little to the tattoo. I know, it's a drastic but I have worked so hard and I think it'll be a good way to remind myself not to go back to where I started ever again.

Today, I had a training session and we really focused on the upper body. She did that on purpose because I plan on running with my friend in the morning and we are working on getting on the Galloway training schedule like I mentioned before. This afternoon I went and danced it out for the first time this week, I think I was starting to go through Zumba withdrawal. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was quite the ordeal. You would think that an MRI would be pretty cut and dry, but no, not in Lucy Land. I took a little road trip to the MRI center where I had my appointment this morning and I even got there extra early and I was ready to go. It looked like we were a go, I filled out my paperwork, I paid what I owed and even put all my junk in one of the lockers. Then one of the techs there comes out and said there was a problem. I didn't even have to wait for them to tell me what the problem was, I knew exactly what they were going to say. I couldn't have my MRI there because of the weight limit on the machine, which I understand. Apparently, the person who took my information when I scheduled the MRI wrote down a weight that I would not even say as a joke. People make mistakes, but I was pretty ticked that with the million phone calls that the MRI place made to me, that not one person asked me to verify my weight. They did ask me about every other detail of my life, so weight should have been a given. Anyways, I had to go to a location with an open MRI machine, again, not a problem other then the fact that the appointment was at 4 and it was a little over an hour away from where I live. I signed Bella out of school early, took her home to let her pack herself an activity bag, and we were off. We finally got there and I was able to get my MRI. It wasn't bad at all other than having to lay ridiculously still, I swear just thinking about sitting still made me feel like I was moving. There was a point when I was convinced that I was moving my foot, and I was trying really hard to keep it still. I swear I felt like a crazy person. Now, we just wait until the follow up on Thursday morning. I will keep you posted as soon as I know what's going on. 

Now, just because I was singing this song to myself during the MRI, you can share in a little bit of Elton. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

What A Weekend!

This was a super fun weekend! It started on Friday when I spent the morning getting a mani/pedi with my friend A, plus we also had a chance to hit up DSW... I didn't find any shoes but she did.   Then Friday evening, Patrick, Bella and I headed to the Braves game along with Patrick's parents, grandmother, sister and her kids. Patrick, Bella and I had a the best time, I can't speak for everyone that was with us, but I think they enjoyed it too. Patrick bought Bella a Chipper Jones jersey because she just adores Chipper and cried when she found out he was out for the season. Then, he tells me that he's going to take her to get her face painted. I thought nothing of it, assuming that she would something small airbrushed on her cheek. Nope, I was wrong, she got the full on face paint complete with designs and glitter on each cheek. She was so happy with it and so proud of her paint job, it was beyond cute. Just watching her at the game was a trip because she just was so into it.

Here's a picture of Bella in full Braves regalia. It was taken with my cell, so pardon the poor quality. 

Saturday morning, I had our team orientation for the "I Lost It At The Club" program. Just a quick side note, from now on for the sake of my typing fingers I'll refer to this program as ILIATC. We had our little orientation, and we were told what is expected of us and the team during the next few weeks. We officially start on Saturday, and life is going to change, but I really want to win this thing. Last time I did ILIATC in the Spring, I came so close to winning and I'll just be honest I like winning and winning a free gym membership for a year is pretty darn awesome. So, this trainer that I'm with is no joke, and she expects a lot. You know what, I like her approach and I think it's going to be tough but super good for me.

Then, Saturday evening I went to a Zumba party at a friend's house. Guess what?! I got to teach my first two songs ever. I think I did pretty well, but then again we'd all been drinking so I am not sure if I have a good frame of reference. Anyways, getting up there was a rush and I really can't wait to teach some more because it was so much fun. I really am so thankful that I had that opportunity. Also, let me go on record and say that drinking and Zumba sounds like a good idea, but it's really not so much the best. Ok, let me rephrase that; a drink before Zumba is probably ok, but multiple drinks isn't so good. I didn't get sick, but I didn't feel the best either. The party was a ton of fun and I was so glad to get out and just relax for a while. Let me tell you what the best part was.... I got cupcakes! Isn't that awesome?! My Contortion class date, Sarah, brought me some delicious and healthier pumpkin spice cupcakes which her mom made for me. Oh they were so good... yum!

Sunday was low key and exactly what I needed because I wasn't feeling it on Sunday. Which I am sure comes as no big surprise, based the aforementioned party on Saturday. I hung out with the family and didn't do a whole lot except going to Groove in the evening.

As for today, I just had a pretty uneventful training session... nothing to get excited about. Then tonight, I didn't make it Zumba because I had a photo shoot. Tomorrow is MRI day, one step closer to some answers about the knee. Keeping everything crossed for good news.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Tired Girl!

First, let's start by celebrating the 4 miles I ran/walked yesterday in 1 hour and 10 minutes. For most runners, it's not a huge feat but I ran more, walked less and did not wimp out. I did have some odd pain in the general hip/butt region but I am not overly concerned. I did work with the pain and focused on it and not on the knee, so we were golden in the pain department. I know it's not the most logical thing but it worked for me... don't judge. I'm going to start the actual Galloway half marathon training program next week. I'm going to use it, stick with it and hopefully get a lot out of it. That way we aren't just messing around anymore and we are actually working with some structure. I'm excited!

So after the running good times and such, my running partner (and resident a** kicker), another friend of ours (who I'll call A) and I went and played make up. It was great to get some straight answers from a professional make up artist (the running partner) about how to apply makeup, what to look for and what to avoid. It was a ton of fun, and the lunch and shopping at Ulta afterwards was pretty fun as well. The true test of our makeup was when A and I went to Zumba in the afternoon... we managed to keep our makeup in tact. We must have looked like a couple of nut jobs going up to each other during some of the breaks between songs and checking out each other's makeup. We did a good job because the makeup stayed on, well, at least our eye makeup which was our biggest concern.

Today has been a hell of a day. Let me preface this by letting you know that I have a lot going on in my personal life that I am choosing not to share on here, and it seemed to just hit me really hard today. It was a four hour gym day because I just had to work it out today, plus, I am going to the Braves game tomorrow night and I'm spending the morning with A. Anyways, back to the gym thing. I started the morning out with some pilates with Sarah. Let me tell you, the class sucked balls, and there really isn't a nicer way to say it. I cried a little, but not because of the class, I just was feeling all out of it. Plus, it was a TOUGH class! I headed to Groove after pilates and having a nice chat with Sarah. Groove was awesome, it just let me forget my worries for a while. I trained with Amy right after Groove, and that's when the bottom fell out. As soon as we started "therapy", I turned into a blubbering mess. If someone had walked in during the wall squats, they would have thought that she'd gone Jillian Michaels on me because I was just crying and she was chanting our little war cry thing at me. We worked it out and I was able to get over the waterworks that I had going on. It's funny because as soon as I was getting teary eyed again, I got a text from Amy telling me not to cry and with our little war cry thing. It's like she was spying on me or some junk like that.... slightly creepy but very much appreciated.  Then, this evening I went to Zumba because I just can't stay away... darn it. Needless to say, I am a very tired girl tonight.

Oh and for those of you who aren't my friend on Facebook, you don't know about the my thoughts on grapes. I was sitting at the computer eating some grapes and complaining about how they are a piss poor substitute for cupcakes, which I really wanted this afternoon. The responses had me in stitches, I can always count on good friends to make me laugh and help me get through a rough day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No More Messin' Around

It's very apparent that I need to stop messing around with this running thing. Don't worry, I am not quitting, actually going to put more time and focus into the running thing. It has become abundantly clear that I am not putting enough time, focus and dedication into my running. The pitiful time form the 5K is proof of that, there is no reason why I shouldn't have finished that faster. I know that everyone has to start somewhere but that time could have been better if I had put more work into getting prepared for it.

During my short run with my friend today, I really could have pushed a little more and maybe even gone an extra mile. After I left, my friend got in a few more miles, and I kept thinking that I really should have turned around and joined her. I should have but I had to get to the gym to meet another friend who had Bella and get to a class. After my class at the gym, I should have run another mile or two but I didn't. This is the end of the lolly gagging because I can do so much better than what I have been doing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SPIbelt Review

I ordered one of these belts on Monday and I added the expedited shipping. Plus, I had to order the larger belt size. Let me start by raving about my dealing with the company themselves. Someone from the company contacted me on Tuesday and offered me the free shipping instead of the expedited shipping because the larger belts take a day or two to make. That in itself was pretty impressive, and spoke volumes about the company and the way they run it. Then, I informed the gentleman that I needed it by Friday so I could use it for the race on Saturday. He replied by telling me that I could be assured that I would have it by Friday. Low and behold, FedEx showed up at my door on Friday with my package from SPIbelt.

Now, to the belt itself. I cannot say enough good things about it. It really does not bounce when you run, and I was honestly shocked when I didn't feel it budge when I ran. Although the belt looks small, it expands and fit my large phone, my friend's keys, and a few other odds and ends. I will make a video this week so you can see for yourself how much can fit in this thing. During the race, I actually forgot that I had it on. The material isn't waterproof, so I put my phone in a ziploc bag so it wouldn't get wet if I was overly sweaty. The SPIbelt gets two thumbs up! Great product that delivers on it's promise at a great price.

Check them out at

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Like A Virgin...

... running a 5K for the very first time....

Took this picture a little while ago, after I realized that I didn't take any pictures pre or post race. 

I can now say that I am no longer a race virgin. This morning I ran my very first 5K, and I am still alive so that's always a good thing. The day began early this morning because I was so worried that I would oversleep that I woke up disgustingly early. I got ready and thankfully already had everything I needed packed so I didn't have to worry about that. I also drank a Slam to get some energy, I did get a jolt but I should have saved it and drank it right before the race started. My friend came by to pick me up and we headed down to Newnan for the race. We had a great time just gossiping and sharing stories, it really did help put me in a good mind set for the race. We got there, got our numbers, and got ready to go. We tried to line up in the middle of the pack, and took it from there. 

We got off to a really good start, but I started to fade quickly. I was just a tad overly eager at the start, had I just paced myself a little better it would have been a LOT better. We were rockin' it out when the course turned we saw that we weren't the last ones. Something must have happened at some point because next thing we knew there was a cop car trailing us.... we were the last two. After a while the cop car stopped following us, which was good because it was really wigging me out. Anyways, we pushed on, and finished the 5K in 52:15 minutes which means our pace was 16:51 minutes per mile. Which in my mind is not too shabby. We are going to try and run another 5K towards the end of the month or beginning of October, and we are aiming for a finish in 45 minutes. We've got this covered!

And because now the song is stuck in my head, I give you none other than Madonna from a 1984 performance.

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