Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Shoes Make Me Happy

Got some new two new pairs of shoes today at Big Peach Running Co. today, but these are by far the coolest of the two. I'm in love.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Post Or Not To Post

We actually did this in class in Bosu class, and I didn't fall on my face.

Let me start by telling you about Bosu class Sunday afternoon. I decided that I would go in prepared for anything and with a better attitude than I had on Tuesday, so automatically doing better than last class. I reminded myself that this class is good for me, for the running and for helping me reach my goals for the year. We got started and I had to remind myself that I was not supposed to be able to do it all, and that it's supposed to be challenging. It was challenging and I think that I will get a lot out of it. Also, love that I have Karen there with me, she keeps me accountable.

Monday, was dancey kind of day. I trained with Amy, but the rest of the day was spent rehearsing my new stuff for my Zumba class on Friday. The gym that I work at requires that I have an entire new class on Friday because they are launching new stuff in the other group fitness classes. I'm not too worried about it but it just adds to the things I have to do. Here's the super awesome part of Monday, Karen had gotten a call from the Grand Poobah of Group Groove, and she asked K to teach with her. The lady that called Karen is the person who trains Groove instructors worldwide, she is Groove royalty. Anyways, Karen and I drove up to the gym where she was going to teach. The whole way up there, I had a bad case of jiggy leg. I get jiggy leg when I'm nervous... I was nervous for her, and she was cool as could be about it. I'll cut to the chase and tell you that she KILLED IT! She did so well, and it was so cool to get to see her teach with this lady and I also loved having the opportunity to take a class from this lady.

On Tuesday, we had Bosu class again but before class I banged out a mile and got another mile after the class. The class was awesome, and I am feeling more comfortable with it all around. Then that afternoon, I went to support one of the other Zumba instructors from my gym as she launched her new stuff. It was fun and she invited me to teach a track, and can I just reiterate that I LOVE teaching. It was all just so much fun.

Yesterday, I ran with Karen, and we got in 6 miles. I got to the lake and we decided that it was entirely too windy, so we headed to the gym to hit the treadmill. After two miles on the treadmill, Karen suggested we run another mile outside. We got out on the paths outside of the gym, and at half a mile where we were going to turn around, we decided to make it an even mile out and a mile back. Loved the change of scenery and loved running outside, I really dislike the treadmill. We got back to the gym and our cars and decided that we might as well get another 2 in because our original plan was to go for 6. So, back to the treadmill we went and we got it done. I am not a fan of the treadmill, it makes me hurt in places that running outside does not.

Today, I am taking an official rest day. Yup, an honest to goodness REST day. Icing the knees, rolling out all the aches and tightness in my legs. I'll have to tack on another day for the 100 Day Challenge, but I am completely ok with that. Does practicing my Zumba stuff on the couch count as movement?

In other news, I finally got in touch with a therapist. I had mentioned before that it was time for professional help but I hadn't done anything about it, but it's time. I need a third unbiased party to help me work through some of the issues that have surfaced because of the weight loss and the changes in my life. Trying to get a handle on my trips to Crazy Town.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Haven't Fallen Off The Face Of The Planet

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet... I promise. I have been living under a rock for the last little while. I will have a proper post later today and I promise to be more timely with my updates. I have coffee and a run scheduled... gotta get to it. I'll leave you with the song I am currently using as my warm up in my Zumba class.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ATC Peachtree City 5K Race Report

Alright, I originally posted a little vlog entry but it was all out of whack once I posted it. This morning's race really wasn't anything crazy. I wasn't looking for a PR or anything, Karen and I just treated it like a training run   on a modified version of our route. There wasn't anything spectacular about this morning, we just had a great time, which was perfect. I wish there was more to report, but there really wasn't much to today's race other than the fact that we just had a fantastic time running. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Here's the Garmin info from today's race.

Certain Things Make My Brain and Body Hurt

Tuesday morning was a big day for me. Bella was back in school, Bosu pilates class started that morning, and I was positively giddy. I decided that the best thing to do was to go to Centergy and get my contortion on before pilates, I am not sure I knew what to do with the return of my regular schedule. In Centergy, I was having a hard time with a few things which happens, not a big deal, it takes some people years to do some of this stuff. At least, that's the line I'm feeding myself to keep from feeling defeated. Anyways, after that class, I went to Starbucks to get a coffee, read and kill a little time before Bosu class.  I know that Starbucks can get loud, but there were three people there on phone calls who were having a screaming competition with each other. I was tempted to get on the phone and start screaming at someone about the screamers. Can you tell what kind of mood I was in at Starbucks? This sort of gives you an idea of the attitude I had going on when I got to class. I left the screamers to their business, and headed to the gym, my second home. Bosu class is a small group class, and on Tuesdays the only two in the class are Karen and I... a recipe for a good time for us, and a possible headache for Amy (my trainer) who teaches the class. Due to the fact that it's just Karen and I there on Tuesdays, the class is modified with exercises that are good for runners... SCORE. There were somethings we were doing that I couldn't do and it really got me down. I talked to Amy about it later that day and she brought up a good point, that it was supposed to be challenging and I wasn't supposed to be able to do it all. Next Bosu class is on Sunday afternoon, it'll be interesting for sure. Then, to add to Tuesday's peachiness, I started reading race reports from last year's princess, and then about some medical issues that I am dealing with and I managed to freak myself out and not get much sleep. Lovely! 

I wish I looked that graceful trying to do that, I looked more like a beached whale.

We did this, but again, I didn't look that graceful. 

Wednesday, I ran/walked with Shannon. We got 3.44 miles in and it was just fun to hang out and be outside. The best part was the time hanging out at Starbucks after the fact, had a great time, I was sad to leave for training but I needed to get a good workout in. Plus, I needed to get my therapy session in with Amy, because we multitask like that. That afternoon, I went to Zumba and had an absolutely fabulous time, as if anything less than that is even an option. Also, I got a little something in the mail... my running skirt from I just bought one that was on sale because I wanted to try it out to see if I even liked it for running before dropping the big bucks on the black one I'd like. I'll post my review once I've worn it for a run.

So, I am not sure about the look,
but I think that the black one will look better.
(The shirt doesn't go with the outfit, I know)
Thursday started with pilates class and some tears. Seriously feeling extra emotional, and like a general hot mess. I was laying on the mat in class with the gigantic workout ball between my feet and a puddle of tears forming on my mat. Wish I could say that the tears were logical, but I can't. Once again, I took a little trip to everyone's fave vacation destination... CRAZY TOWN. Geez, who does that?!  I managed to pull myself together, finish the class and then head to another gym to workout with a friend of mine. I had to laugh at myself after the class because it was just ridiculous, I was ridiculous. 

Friday started a million times better because I was headed to out to teach my Zumba class that morning. I was hoping for a good class, and ended up having an INCREDIBLE class. There were new people, the energy was awesome and it was just so much FUN. I really love what I do, I may never get rich taking pictures and teaching Zumba but I am so lucky to do what I love. I wish I could describe what it feels like to get that high from teaching a class. I think that the best way to explain it to the runners out there is that it's like that buzzy fun feeling you get after and during an awesome run. Blame the high from the day, or my general insanity but Friday evening Karen and I decided to run the Atlanta Track Club's Peachtree City 5K instead of our scheduled training run. We figured out that the race would cut through some of our planned route, so why not join the fun instead of trying to run around them. I'll post a race report in a little while....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If You Like Piña Coladas...

... and getting caught in the rain.... (can't get this darn cheesy song out of my head)

Alright, the song comes to mind because we got caught in the rain during our long run this afternoon. Everyone knows that inclement weather always makes one think of cheesy music... duh! Due to the fact that the kiddos were out of school today, we had to get creative in terms of babysitting and the time we headed out for our run. Karen's daughter (aka babysitter extraordinaire) came to the rescue and stayed with Bella so we could head out on our 10 mile trek. Karen and I had a plan for this run, our route was planned, we planned to run 4:1 intervals and we had a fuel plan in place. The only thing that could have used better planning was our hydration plan, but we managed to make it work, but we will definitely have a better plan in place for our next long run. We were even ready for the rain that had been forecasted, and you know my thoughts on running in the rain.... BAD A**. As you might have guess, we did get caught in the rain, but it really wasn't that bad at all. Anyways, we were just chugging along nicely, but we were slower than we had hoped. We chatted about everything, we were having fun and waiting for that euphoric moment like we had on our 9 miler. Then this weird thing happened... that super high and giddy moment we felt last time never came. I wasn't trying to high five strangers or anything like that. It really kind of bummed us both out, and then by mile 8, I was just ready for it all to be over. Somewhere between 8 and 9, my calf started cramping, it was very frustrating and it just felt amplified because I wasn't feeling that awesome high that I feel when we go long. We got it done, but it wasn't that same feeling. Even after we got home, it was just so anti-climatic. So, we came to the consensus that 11 will bring that feeling back, and we were just having an off day. Shaking off the disappointment and trying to focus on the general bad assery that comes with knowing that we finished 10 miles!

Now, it's time to get to bed because I have Bosu class in the morning. Karen and I signed up for a bosu belly blast class that Amy is having at the gym. Should be interesting...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally Climbed Out From The Icy Mess

This is so true. Found this here.
We finally climbed out of the icy mess we had going on in the Atlanta area. Thank goodness, because I love my family very much but I was getting ready to sell my husband and Bella to the gypsies. We are just people who need our schedules and our space, without it we all officially took a trip to Crazy Town. I've said this before but this Canadian has gone soft after living in the south for nearly seven years, I freaked out just a little being stuck. I'll give you a run down of the week...


We were starting to get just a little stir crazy and saw that the roads were passable during day light hours, so we headed out. We were able to go out for lunch and then I decided that I would run out afterwards to get in a few miles with Karen at the gym. I assumed the gym would be empty because of the weather and because when I passed it a few hours earlier there were only a few cars in the lot. Well, you know what they say about assuming... because the lot was packed and it was a huge ordeal to get a treadmill let alone two treadmills together so Karen and I could run together. Somehow we managed to get treadmills together and got in 3 miles.


I trained with Amy, and Karen joined us for the session. Thank heavens for Karen's daughter who kept Bella and Amy's daughter because the gym's childcare was closed. Did I mention that at this point this was Bella's third day home from school, and we were starting to butt heads just a little. The rest of the day was just a blur.


I was certain that the kids would be able to go back to school on Thursday, but no such luck. I woke up and checked to see if the gypsies were outside, ready to buy my little pumpkin but I guess the roads were just too icy for them. So, I had to get her and I to the gym (thank goodness that childcare was open), and I went to Groove. After that once again, Karen's daughter came to the rescue and kept Bella for a little while so that Karen and I could get a few miles in on the track. Even though the company was wonderful, the track is dreadfully boring, almost as bad as the treadmill. We stuck to the track because we knew that there wasn't any ice on the track as opposed to the golf cart paths which were still sketchy. You know what helps you get over boring workout on the track? Karen, our girls and myself going to the new TCBY! It's self serve and I had to fight the urge to drown my yogurt in chocolate, chocolate bar bits.


Guess who had another day away from school?! Yup, my dear Bella. Now, this wouldn't even be an issue at this point if it wasn't for the fact that she did not want to go to work with me in the morning. She got over it, and was pleasantly surprised to see other big kids at the gym's childcare. Anyways, I got to the group fitness room and was praying that someone would show up, I was pleasantly surprised to have the biggest class I've ever had. WOOHOO!!! We got our Zumba on and I may have frightened an older lady who was trying Zumba for the first time, but I had told her before the class started that there are no rules and that she could just march in place or do her own thing if she got lost. These things are bound to happen but because I'm new to teaching this is new to me. After class, Karen, Bella and I met up to get our nails done. While we were there, Karen brought up the idea of getting a few miles in the afternoon and I was in. I invited Shannon and Sarah, and Sarah took me up on the offer. We headed out for our little run. Alright, physically I had a hard time with it, and then mentally, I was a mess. During the run, I felt something in my sock but ignored it, when I got home there was blood on two toes but I couldn't pin point where it came from. Mystery blood equals bad ass in my book... so we'll go with that. We got 4.65 miles in and even though I was whiney and not into it I am glad we got it done. After that, Karen, her daughter, Shannon, Sarah, Patrick, Bella and I went out for a little Mexican food and finalized our travel plans for the half. The hotel is booked, and this is getting very very real.

Saturday & Sunday

Not much accomplished other than a few miles walked on the treadmill on Saturday and Groove on Sunday.

Have managed to keep on track with the 100 day challenge. Now, getting ready to head out for a long run with Karen. Wish us luck!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Alright, it's not snowmageddon but being from Canada it is always thoroughly amusing to see general panic when ice and snow hit the Atlanta area. We just don't have the equipment to deal with these kinds of conditions, and this doesn't happen often around here. So, I shouldn't complain about the weather because it has forced me to take a rest day, which would not have happened otherwise. I knew I needed a real rest day, this was not lost on me, but the idea of not doing anything is hard for me to wrap my head around. I have been icing the knees, using the stick and foam roller like I am supposed to, and trying to enjoy the break. Here's the problem, I want some endorphins, I feel like a bit of a junkie, I want my hit. Plus, time away from training for the half is making me a bit nervous.

As for the 100 Day Challenge, I went to groove yesterday and shook it for a while. Today, we played outside and took a walk which counts towards it so, I have 10 days under my belt for the challenge, only 90 more to go.

In race news, I talked to Karen about running the Polar Bear Run on the 22nd, and I spoke with Sarah and Shannon about doing the Tartan Trot 10K on the 29th. Plus, I am looking ahead to other races so I can complete the Run For The Bling Of It Challenge. Karen and I were chatting about what our next big races would be after the Princess Half, and we are definitely signing up for The Peachtree Road Race, and we decided that we are going to Vegas for the Rock n' Roll half marathon in December. Lots to look forward to!

Alright, I'll leave you with pictures from playing out in the icy muck outside. School's out again tomorrow, let's hope Bella doesn't go completely insane from being at home.
Ghetto sledding!

That's how we roll in Peachtree City! (Not my golf cart, I'm not that cool yet, but I will be eventually)

Sticking your tongue out helps when taking pictures.

Bella did a pretty good job with this one.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frostbite 5K Race Report

Diana, Karen and I after the race. I looked rough after the finish.
Can I just start out by saying that this has been the best day ever?! I have to tell you that I took 4 minutes off my best 5K time clocked in at the Girls On The Run 5K in November. Just keep in mind that my fast is most people's slow. I finished today in 41:26 minutes according to the trusty Garmin, oh I love me some Garmin.

So, let's back it up to the beginning. Karen picked me up and we talked strategy and talked about making this race our best. We went through our usual pre race routine and met up with a friend of mine from the gym, Diana. This was her first race ever, and we invited her to stick with us and run 5:1 intervals. I was feeling so good about this race, and knew that I was going to PR. We started and started pretty strong, dodged little kids, and walkers for the first half mile or so. We were sticking to the plan and ready to rock it out. We hit the mile 1 marker in 13:(something) minutes, as soon as I saw the time I knew it was going to go well. This course is notoriously hilly, and I was prepared or so I thought. My thighs (my IT bands I think) tightened up going up the hill, and I had to walk before the walk interval. Karen and Diana were still going strong so I told them to go on without me, plus, I just wanted to prove to myself that I was mentally tough enough to do it on my own. Let me just tell you that I only finished 3 minutes behind them, not too bad in my eyes. Anyways, I was on my own, and I kept repeating something that Shannon had said to me about running. I repeated my mantra, talked to myself, pushed myself and I even think I said some of these things out loud so anyone within ear shot probably heard my ramblings. I would look at the Garmin and see the time and I knew that I had to push, I had to PR. When I saw that I was not too far from the finish, and I looked down to see my time I knew I had to push through and resist the urge to walk. Granted, I did end up walking just a little but it was less than 30 seconds because I had to beat that time, and I knew that I could get it done. I saw the finish and made the final push with Karen standing at the finish line cheering me on. Could not have asked for a better way to finish.

I learned a few things in this race, I will not go to Zumba in the even before my race ever again. Did I forget to mention that I went to class last night, and I taught Friday morning? I over did it and learned a valuable lesson about REST, and how important it is. I also learned that I am capable of getting it done on my own, I am tough enough. The difference between this race and the Peachtree Classic where I ran on my own was that I had Shannon's little saying in my head, and I was mentally prepared to wave Karen and Diana on. To be honest, I used them being ahead of me to pull me through and work harder. Lastly, I learned that staying for the awards is well worth it, more on that in just a second.

Alright, so we decided to stay for the awards and door prizes, to be honest, mainly because they were giving away Road ID gift certificates and we wanted to win them. Diana, Karen and I were there ready to claim our prizes, because we were sure we were going to win. Diana was pulling for the TCBY gift certificate, we were pulling for the Road ID gift certificates. So, they are announcing the age group awards, and Diana's little boy won an award. We waited, cheered on the winners and then they announced Karen's age group and guess what?! Karen got 3rd place in her age group! She was shocked, I was so proud and happy for her. Then, she won a door prize, an umbrella, which was highly amusing. I was still hoping for the gift certificate but I did end up winning something too. I won a super cute hat from a local boutique.

I am going to proclaim this the BEST DAY EVER of 2011!!!! (so far)

This race was my first for the Run For The Bling Of It Challenge.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Planned For 8

I just love this! It's from

Karen and I went out yesterday morning for our long run and planned on an 8 mile run. Let me just start by telling you that we did not stick to the mileage plan, we actually ended up doing 9 miles, but I'll get to that part of the story later. We started and managed to stay (for the most part) with 4:1 intervals, we actually ran over the scheduled intervals a few times. We felt good, we felt strong, it was all around incredible. When we hit 6 miles, we decided that we would take the golf cart paths a different way, which we had never done before. There is a reason we run the PTC Running Club's marked loop, if you read this blog back in August, you might remember this entry about our first time out when we got lost. For the record, we will not be taking that particular detour again, we just weren't feeling it. When we hit 7.5 miles we talked about going for the full 9, just because we were already out, and we went for it. Ok, so I am not sure if it was the energy gel thing or runner's high, or my brand of crazy but I was completely giddy by 7.5 miles and even tried to high five a stranger on the paths. I was giddy, chatty and just insane, and I was loving every minute of it. We called Amy while we were out to brag about our accomplishment, I'll have to ask her exactly how crazy we sounded when we called. Feeling more confident about being able to finish the half.

Then yesterday evening as I was at Dick's Sporting Goods scouring the clearance racks, I got a call from a friend and fellow Zumba instructor that she had hurt her herself and needed a sub for that night. This meant that I was going to miss the class I had planned on attending, and missing my first time trying Zumba toning, but it didn't matter because I am trying to get as much experience as I can get right now. I rushed home, changed, threw together a playlist and headed over. I was so nervous, and I messed up the first two songs, but after that we were rockin'. I had a blast, the class had fun, I just got such a rush from teaching. That being said, after the class I was done! I fell asleep watching the movie Without Limits about Prefontaine (which my friend RR over at got me interested in). I'll be watching it tonight.

This morning I taught my Zumba class and just had a blast with my ladies. They were fun, and were just so carefree. Couldn't have asked for a better way to start the day. I needed this morning's good class to help me because the day got really cruddy when I found out that I am going to have to drop a lot of money into my car, and I'll be driving my husband's car (which we lovingly refer to as the probable cause-mobile) until next Friday.

Alright, bloggy peeps it's time for this blogger to get her some dinner in her belly. I'm running the Frostbite 5K in the morning, hoping for a PR. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Been A Few Days...

It's been a few days since I posted anything. So, those of you who have been following me for a while know about my late night blogging problems... that whole falling asleep in the middle of writing. Well, I've fallen asleep writing two nights in a row. Tonight, I am planning on writing this and not falling asleep.

I finished day 5 of the 100 Day Challenge, and have been keeping up with it which I didn't really think would be a problem but I love having something that I having something to do. Monday started with a 2.75 mile run on the treadmill with Karen. I just have to reiterate that I am not a fan of the treadmill but having someone beside me to just chat with makes it so much easier and even enjoyable. I followed the run with a training session with Amy, which is always fun. Then in the evening, just to top everything off nicely, I went to Zumba. There were 105 people in class Monday night. Can you believe that?! I'll be stoked if there are 10 people in my class Friday morning... dreamin' big.

Then Tuesday, I started the day trying to get a little zen in my life by hitting up Group Centergy with Shannon and Christina. It had been a while since I had been to that class and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Alright, that isn't exactly right, I don't enjoy it, but I feel great afterwards. The only thing missing from Centergy on Tuesday was my snuggie because I was a little cold during the rest time, so next week the snuggie will make it's come back. After class, Christina, Shannon and I went to Starbucks and somehow ended up there for almost 4 hours. I could not have come up with a better way to waste a morning, we just had so much fun chatting and laughing. I have some awesome friends!

This morning, I started out training with Amy this morning. Today was a struggle, I wasn't feeling so great, just kind of down in the dumps. It wasn't anything in particular, just having that kind of day. I even considered calling and canceling my training appointment but I knew that I would regret that and that working out would most lift my spirits. The workout was great and it did help break me out of the funk that I had been dealing with all day. Then, just because I love it so, I went to Zumba in the afternoon. I got there a little late, and ended up in the back. Can I just tell you how much I dislike being in the back... there is just so much more room up front and I don't feel quite as crowded.

Alright, that's all for now. I have to get to bed, I have to be at Bella's school in the morning to watch her get her AR award and Karen and I have our long run after that. We're going for more mileage than we have ever done before, wish us luck.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Chillin'

Chilling after a run and workout with Amy this morning.

Can't Sleep...

I don't know what's wrong with me but I just can't get to sleep tonight. So, I'll be a good blogger and catch you up on the happenings of the last two days. First of all, yesterday kicked off the 100 Day Challenge, basically the challenge is to intentionally move your body for 30 minutes everyday. I practiced and worked on choreographing some new stuff for my Zumba class, that lasted for almost 1.5 hours. Other than that, yesterday was a pretty low key day, to be honest, I spent mosts of the day reflecting on 2010. I know it sounds stupid, but I was finally able to see what I had done in 2010, it was a lot to swallow. The whole weight loss thing often sends you to that little place I like to call Crazy Town.

Today, the day I am calling the official start of 2011 (aka The Most Awesome Year Ever). Karen and I started our day out properly with a 3.68 mile run. According to my new favorite toy, my garmin, our average pace was 16:17 miles/min. We ran 4:1 intervals, and if you look on the page with our info on it, you can see that we actually had some pretty good speed during our run intervals. Pace aside, it just felt so good to be out there moving and getting those endorphins. I really needed the run, and to make things even better I got to go to Groove in the evening. Oh, I love me some Groove! I'm dancing in my chair just thinking about it. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I started listening to an audiobook, I got it so I could listen to it on the treadmill but I got a little excited and started listening to it today. It's Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners - 31 Stories of Adventure, Comebacks and Family Ties, and so far, I love it. I actually bought the other Chicken Soup for Runner books as well, because I'm a dork like that.

Alright kids, I am going to attempt to sleep. Wish me luck!
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