Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marathon Training Long Run #4

Alright, so I am such an airhead and somehow managed to miss my runniversary and blog-ivesary. On May 18th, 2010, I started this little blog journey and little did I know how much my life would change and how little I knew about running. So, let's see what this second year of blogging and running fun has in store for me.

This morning, I set out for marathon training long run #4. This morning's run was a little different because I had a brand spankin' new running partner with me...Danielle. She's a friend that I met during my last time doing "Lost It At The Club". To be honest, I was a little worried about running with her because it's someone new, and I didn't want to have a bad experience. Thankfully, it went really well, she slowed to my pace and then pushed me at the end where I felt like giving up. The time flew by with chatter about this and that, the conversation came easily and was thoroughly interesting and amusing. I knew that Danielle was awesome but I didn't realize how awesome. She's going to be writing a guest blog post for me sharing her story soon. I'll give you the short version, she's lost a lot of weight, but more importantly she has truly been given a second chance at life. A few years ago, she was in a car accident that resulted in a brain injury. She had to re-learn how to do so many things we take for granted, and she even had to re-learn how to walk, and now she's running and kicking butt. To listen to her tell her story, you can't help but feel inspired. I really can't wait for her to share her whole story with all of you because I could never do it justice. Did I mention that she's going to do 13.1 Atlanta with me as well as the full in Savannah?! I love surrounding myself with those who are awesome and awesomely bad ass!

The run started well, and we kept the 3:1 intervals, we stuck to the plan, and trotted along nicely. I was a little worried about my speed or lack there of but Danielle said she enjoyed the pace and stuck with me. I was grateful for the company because I know that I would have lagged a lot more had I not had someone with me. Also, I was super grateful to have her with me because at about 6.5 miles, I started to drag and Danielle didn't let me wimp out. During the run we ran by an aid station, a local running club had an aid station set out and they were kind enough to offer us some gatorade and even gave us some powerbar gels. Gotta love the kindness of other runners! There were lots of people out on the paths today, and can I just vent about how annoying the others on the paths not calling that they were coming. We had a handful of cyclists nearly run us down, incredibly rude. Then right around the point where I started to drag, I noticed that there was Memorial Day ceremony going on and we had to run right behind where the speakers were. We ran as fast as we could and tried to run around it as much as we could. The heat was starting to get pretty brutal by the end of the run and I was super glad that we started as early as we did.

This little gem was on the radio today... gotta love 90's weekends on Star 94 (one of the only reasons I listen to them).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Amy suggested I skip pilates today and just run because of how busy I've been. So, I had a date with the treadmill this morning. There were no tears today, I was just focused on completing the workout that Lesley had assigned for today. SCORE!!

2. Super jazzed to be having lunch with Shannon today, whom I haven't had a chance to hang out with in a long time.

3. Here's a song that's going to be my warm up song for my Zumba classes next week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up & Marathon Training Long Run Week #3


Started my day with pilates then followed it up with some intervals on the treadmill. I'll be honest with you, there tears. They were tough and the tears came not because the run was tough, which it was, but because I didn't quit even though I was very tempted. Can I just tell you how surprised I was when the tears came on?! It's tough to be bad ass when you are crying.

Then Thursday night, my dad flew in from Toronto to see Bella perform in her first grade play on Friday morning. 
B and Grandpa hanging out


Friday was my first Friday in a while where I didn't teach my Zumba class. I subbed it out so that I could be at B's school to watch her Tony award worthy performance in "It Sounds A Little Fishy". Alright, maybe my baby is not going to be the next Broadway sensation but it was so stinkin' cute! I think Patrick said it best, the kids and the play was cuter than a litter of puppies. I pulled Bella out of school after the play because it's almost the end of school and they weren't doing much. Plus, I thought she should spend some time with Grandpa. My mom and dad had promised her an American Girl doll if she did well in school this year, and Miss Bella delivered, so we made the trek to the AG store so she could pick out her new doll, but not without taking one of hers with her to enjoy the festivities. To add to that, my dad wanted to go shopping so we spent the rest of the day shopping. My dad loves shopping... 


I had Zumba launch at one of the gyms that I work at, and let me just tell you it was fun but super exhausting. 


I missed Saturday's run, I ran a mile and walked a mile Sunday morning, to get myself moving. I got to try out my new shoes, did I mention that I got new shoes? I got another pair of Vomeros and I'm glad to have another pair of shoes in the mix.

Patrick and I decided to take Bella to the Renaissance Festival that was taking place very close to where we live. I'd never been to one before and he hadn't been since he was in high school, neither of us were really sure what to expect. Both Patrick and I thought it was alright and overly pricey and some of it was not really as family friendly as it was advertised. That being said Bella absolutely loved it.

An animal shelter had this one eyed killer, he was adorable.
My baby is a lot of things but graceful is not one of them.
She had to have a picture taken with the knight who won the joust.


Beginning of marathon training week #3, and third long run in this training cycle. I was on my own for this one, and I was glad because I just wanted to be alone. I put my ipod in and set out slowly because it was HOT, but I shouldn't be surprised because I do live in Georgia after all. I started out well enough, and then about a mile into the run, I felt the urge to go. Well, I knew that there is a bathroom at a super market I pass at the 2.5 mile mark, and I could hold it till then. Then the urge got worse, I tried ignoring it, but that didn't help. I started eyeing the trees on the path, but couldn't bring myself to go outside because it would be my luck that I would have someone see me. By the time I hit the second mile mark, I was starting to worry that I would end up with yellow socks. I would speed up so that I could get to the bathroom quicker and then slow down because I started to worry that I would have an accident. I even asked myself what would SUAR do, in an attempt to talk myself into going behind a tree, but I just couldn't do it. I don't think I have ever felt a feeling as heavenly as sitting on the toilet at Kroger, and I am sort of glad that it was empty because I might have let out one of those sighs. You know which sigh I'm talking about, we've all done it. Anyways, I headed back out and was trucking along then I saw a donut on the cart path, now, it's not unusual to see food on the cart paths because sometimes little kids throw things from their golf carts. What was unusual was the next donut I came across, then there were even more. For about 1.5 miles, I saw donuts and donut holes scattered along the path, which makes me wonder what exactly prompted someone to throw that many donuts. That's some serious sugar abuse. Look I have evidence...

One of the many left on the path... that's some serious sugar abuse.
The good thing about the donuts was that it gave me something to entertain myself with. I started concocting crazy stories as to how they got there, and why. Plus, because this is Georgia and there is tons of wildlife, so there were lots of birds pecking away at the discarded donuts. So not only was I making up my stories, I was having a quasi redneck disney princess moment with all the birds lining the path. It was almost magical and I managed to get 7 miles in, albeit slowly.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Marathon Training Long Run #2

This morning was long run #2 in the marathon training plan. When I woke up this morning, it was looking like rain was coming so I made the decision to try the long run on the treadmill. K decided to join me, and if you read last week's entry It started well enough on the treadmill, but a mile in, I looked out and decided that I had to finish the run outside and possibly run in the coming rain. Plus, I wanted to have a bad ass moment, even if it was only a small bad ass moment. We got off the treadmill, ran to my car, slapped on my fuel belt that I had brought just in case the weather changed and put on Bubba (my Garmin). The weather was nice and cool, and it was drizzling which made the conditions feel almost heavenly. We were off, and I decided to avoid any issues like I had last week, I put my ipod in and had one ear bud in, so I could focus on my music if K's chatting got to me. She only irritated me this run when she had negative things to say, like talking about the hills etc. A few times before she totally irritated me and I said something rude, I took a few walking steps and let her get ahead of me. The way I looked at this run was that it was a solo run and she just happened to be on the golf cart paths with me. I know it's not the nicest but like Shannon once said to me, I had to run for no one but myself. I felt really strong mentally during the run, which was a HUGE confidence booster.

From a physical standpoint, I felt pretty good. My knees were a little sore but that's from my arthritis, and they are usually a little sore when it's going to rain. I joke that they are my own personal weather stations. I did chat with K about shoes, and I think that it's time to add another pair of shoes into rotation, because the shoes I am running in are in good shape but I need more. Plus, I love shoes and any excuse to buy new shoes, especially running shoes. Plus, I want to avoid causing myself any injuries because of my shoes. Anyways, let me tell you a little funny story about what happened post run. So, towards the end of the run, it actually started raining a little harder than the slight drizzle we'd had during the whole run, so my shirt got wet. I walked back into the gym to stretch and use the bathroom after the run, I headed to bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I didn't take a picture because I can't go around taking pictures of my chest without charging you guys. I had two big dry spots on my shirt, right on my boobs! Let me tell you, it was a sight. It looked a little something like this...
I know you are wowed and amazed with my doodlin' skills.

Epic Weekend and Week One of Marathon Training Wrap Up


I woke up early, and hit the treadmill and got my miles in before Patrick had to go to work. After that, I had to go practice for a Zumba launch at one of the gyms I work at. After that, I had to make myself look and smell presentable because I had a senior photo shoot with my friend Shannon's oldest daughter. Can I just tell you that I had the most fun ever during this photo shoot! Met up with Shannon after the shoot so she and her daughter could have a quick look at the shots. I headed home to get ready because I had a date with my friend Christina and one Jon Bon Jovi. We had awesome seats and had an incredible time, even if I was a tad late and walked into Phillips Arena as they started playing their first song.


I tried my best to sleep in but B had other plans, she barged into our bedroom and made her presence known so the plan to sleep in was a FAIL. It was a planned rest day and it mostly for one exception. I was part of a Zumba flash mob at an event called Taste of Fayette.

Here is a video of the flash mob if you're interested... (I was towards the back of the crowd)

Week One Marathon Training Wrap Up

So, first week of marathon training is done. Feeling great and looking forward an epic week two of training. Monday, I got my long run in; Thursday, I did some intervals on the TM; Saturday, got 3 miles in on the tm. Did weight training on Wednesday and Friday, plus taught my three Zumba classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I was super proud of getting it done according to the plan this week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Insane Saturday

1. Got 3 miles in on the treadmill this morning... it's done, that's all I'll say about that. 

2. About to head out to rehearse for a Zumba launch next week at work. 

3. After that, I have a high school senior shoot, I am really looking forward to this one because I LOVE working with seniors.

4. Then to top off my day, I am going to see this guy....

I plan on giving love a bad name. 

Sunday's plan..... do as little as humanly possible. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, I'm In Love

This song has been playing my head today, so you get to partake in my crazy today.

Yesterday, I did 3.25 miles on the treadmill after pilates.  It was intervals and to be honest I was scared. The speeds Lesley planned out for me were a little intimidating. I even asked her to reassure me that I wasn't going to die. Obviously, I didn't, so, win all around. I really surprised myself.

Notice the piece of paper, I had my interval workout written out so I didn't have to memorize it.
Like I mentioned, I went to pilates yesterday morning, I think that Amy (who also happens to be my trainer) was hell bent on making us hurt. I am so sore today from yesterday's class, it's not even funny. I just have remember that results are on the other side of this hard work. It's just tough to remember when it hurts to laugh and lift my arms.

So, I am looking at bathing suits and can I just gripe about the expense. I know what you're thinking, a good suit is worth the money but geez louise some of these puppies are expensive. Then to top it off some of the stuff they try to sell us bigger girls is laughable at how ugly and/or matronly it is. Just because I'm big doesn't mean I want to wear some FUGLY swim muumuu. Then, while looking for this, I have also been browsing for some running shorts. I hate wearing shorts but I live in Georgia, it's hot and I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. Nike has some shorts that will work, but I am looking for other options as well and having a hard time finding ones that will work. Any bigger runners have any help in this department?

Alright, I'm out... I have to practice some new stuff for my Zumba class, although you'd laugh to watch me practice. I actually practice on the couch, I don't get up and do the whole thing until I know the entire routine. Why kill my body unnecessarily? 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Puppy Dog Lunch Bags Are Bad A** and First Marathon Training Long Run

Let's tackle the most important issue first, can we all agree that carrying ice packs, a snack and a powerade zero in a puppy dog lunch bag is pretty bad ass? What?! You mean using your 6 year old's lunch bag isn't bad ass or cool? I had to ask Miss Bella to borrow one of her lunch boxes today because I don't have a small cooler to carry my junk in, and she was gracious enough to let me borrow the puppy dog one. It has all the elements essential to bad assery... purple, pink, puppy dogs and GLITTER!

Alright, so today was the first long run of the official training plan set out by my awesome running coach, Lesley. K decided to join in on the fun this morning. I wish I had gone right after I had dropped Bella off, because by the time we got started the temperature was slowly rising and it was pretty hot when we were done. We started on a different part of the paths than we normally do, so it made for a nice change of scenery. We were off and I realized once we were way too far from the car that I had forgotten my inhaler... I will not make that mistake again. The breathing wasn't horrible but I definitely noticed that I hadn't taken it before the run. IT WAS A STUPID MOVE!! I dealt with it and we found a nice little groove. K chatted, and chatted, and chatted, I was trying to focus on the run. I normally love talking during the long run, but today I just wanted company but not social hour.  It just irritated me a little, that being said we all have those days. We hit a nice little groove after about 2.5 miles. I did notice that during our 1 minute walk breaks, we were walking a lot slower than I felt we should have. So, next long run I will make a conscious effort to make those walk breaks faster and more productive. We got the miles in and I couldn't have been happier about that. When we got back to the car, I got out my awesome lunch box, ate my snack, drank my powerade and headed home. Look I was good and even iced the knees when I got home. SCORE!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am officially signed up for FULL at RnR Savannah. No turning back now!

2. I realized a few minutes ago that it's almost my blogiversary. Can't even believe I've been at it almost a year.

3. I've been craving stroopwaffels, I just need one to get them off my mind. Why? Why have I been so stuck on this carmel filled awesomeness?!

Photo Source

Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls On The Run Atlanta Spring 5K

This was an incredible race because this was Bella's very first 5K. We went out there and had a good time, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday morning. K and her teenage daughter joined us for this race as well.

We picked up our race numbers, and it was pretty neat because everyone had the same number on their bibs... #1. We walked around to visit the different booths and Bella posed for some pictures with the Menchies guy and the Caribou from Caribou Coffee.

We picked up some temporary tattoos and GOTR eye sticker things. We looked pretty fly with our tats and eye things.

So, I taped bits and pieces of the race and put them together in a video of her race. So here it is...

Some quick thoughts about the race itself. This particular GOTR event seemed to be a lot more organized than the one in the Fall, it just didn't feel quite as chaotic. The Georgia Tech Women's basketball, swimming and diving teams were out there cheering through out the race which was great because they were in places where Bella was really starting to fizzle out. Each time that we passed the people out there cheering she seemed to perk up.

As for the personal aspects of this race. It was great to see Bella really go out there and push. There were times where I really had to help her get it going. We walked more than I thought we would but she kept going which is all I really expected out of her. I had started out telling her that we could just go and walk the whole thing, I didn't expect her to want to run. Then, there were the hills. I knew it would be hilly but I guess I just didn't realize what those hills would look like. Bella did ok with some of the hills and then really struggled with some of the others. So running with Bella was actually really good for me, in the sense that it helped me because some of what I told B during the race is what I need to be telling myself during the races. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Anyways, towards the end Bella was near tears, she was tired and was ready for it to be over. After the finish, she shed a few tears but K and I talked to her, we got her some water, a banana and a lot of hugs. After it was over, she was pretty darn proud of herself.

When we got in the car, she asked if she could run with me again. How can I say no to that?! Then we showed her what 3.1 miles look like when we drove from the race to the Whole Foods in Buckhead. I think she didn't realize how far she had gone. She was impressed, and rightfully so. After I got her home, she was wiped out and was pretty calm the rest of the day.

Today before she went to bed, we had a little post race Q and A.

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