Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up & Marathon Training Long Run Week #3


Started my day with pilates then followed it up with some intervals on the treadmill. I'll be honest with you, there tears. They were tough and the tears came not because the run was tough, which it was, but because I didn't quit even though I was very tempted. Can I just tell you how surprised I was when the tears came on?! It's tough to be bad ass when you are crying.

Then Thursday night, my dad flew in from Toronto to see Bella perform in her first grade play on Friday morning. 
B and Grandpa hanging out


Friday was my first Friday in a while where I didn't teach my Zumba class. I subbed it out so that I could be at B's school to watch her Tony award worthy performance in "It Sounds A Little Fishy". Alright, maybe my baby is not going to be the next Broadway sensation but it was so stinkin' cute! I think Patrick said it best, the kids and the play was cuter than a litter of puppies. I pulled Bella out of school after the play because it's almost the end of school and they weren't doing much. Plus, I thought she should spend some time with Grandpa. My mom and dad had promised her an American Girl doll if she did well in school this year, and Miss Bella delivered, so we made the trek to the AG store so she could pick out her new doll, but not without taking one of hers with her to enjoy the festivities. To add to that, my dad wanted to go shopping so we spent the rest of the day shopping. My dad loves shopping... 


I had Zumba launch at one of the gyms that I work at, and let me just tell you it was fun but super exhausting. 


I missed Saturday's run, I ran a mile and walked a mile Sunday morning, to get myself moving. I got to try out my new shoes, did I mention that I got new shoes? I got another pair of Vomeros and I'm glad to have another pair of shoes in the mix.

Patrick and I decided to take Bella to the Renaissance Festival that was taking place very close to where we live. I'd never been to one before and he hadn't been since he was in high school, neither of us were really sure what to expect. Both Patrick and I thought it was alright and overly pricey and some of it was not really as family friendly as it was advertised. That being said Bella absolutely loved it.

An animal shelter had this one eyed killer, he was adorable.
My baby is a lot of things but graceful is not one of them.
She had to have a picture taken with the knight who won the joust.


Beginning of marathon training week #3, and third long run in this training cycle. I was on my own for this one, and I was glad because I just wanted to be alone. I put my ipod in and set out slowly because it was HOT, but I shouldn't be surprised because I do live in Georgia after all. I started out well enough, and then about a mile into the run, I felt the urge to go. Well, I knew that there is a bathroom at a super market I pass at the 2.5 mile mark, and I could hold it till then. Then the urge got worse, I tried ignoring it, but that didn't help. I started eyeing the trees on the path, but couldn't bring myself to go outside because it would be my luck that I would have someone see me. By the time I hit the second mile mark, I was starting to worry that I would end up with yellow socks. I would speed up so that I could get to the bathroom quicker and then slow down because I started to worry that I would have an accident. I even asked myself what would SUAR do, in an attempt to talk myself into going behind a tree, but I just couldn't do it. I don't think I have ever felt a feeling as heavenly as sitting on the toilet at Kroger, and I am sort of glad that it was empty because I might have let out one of those sighs. You know which sigh I'm talking about, we've all done it. Anyways, I headed back out and was trucking along then I saw a donut on the cart path, now, it's not unusual to see food on the cart paths because sometimes little kids throw things from their golf carts. What was unusual was the next donut I came across, then there were even more. For about 1.5 miles, I saw donuts and donut holes scattered along the path, which makes me wonder what exactly prompted someone to throw that many donuts. That's some serious sugar abuse. Look I have evidence...

One of the many left on the path... that's some serious sugar abuse.
The good thing about the donuts was that it gave me something to entertain myself with. I started concocting crazy stories as to how they got there, and why. Plus, because this is Georgia and there is tons of wildlife, so there were lots of birds pecking away at the discarded donuts. So not only was I making up my stories, I was having a quasi redneck disney princess moment with all the birds lining the path. It was almost magical and I managed to get 7 miles in, albeit slowly.

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FruitFly said...

So much going on!

Bella & your daddy look so cute together! And I love that she got her photo with the knight in not really shining armor. I've yet to do one of those festivals, but I bet some day I will.

Nice job on the run - I'm glad you found a potty!

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