Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Rest Day?!

Guess what happened on Sunday... I had an honest to goodness rest day. It wasn't intentional but I was grateful for it regardless. Let me explain how this happened, I had originally made plans to either go for a short run or hit the gym this afternoon before we took Bella out trick or treating. Patrick, Bella and I were out and about longer then we had originally planned, by the time we got home there wasn't time to go to the gym or for a run before the Halloween festivities began. I even considered going to the gym this evening because of the whole "Lost It" competition but decided that I really needed the rest. I am sure that my sore body will be very grateful for the day off when I get back to it tomorrow.

This evening, I got together with some of my friends and their families to take the kiddos trick or treating. These kids have known each other for the majority of their little lives and they are such great friends, I really hope that they stay this close as they grow up. It was such a fun evening and we had a ton of laughs watching the kids. Now, I'll be one of those moms and share a picture of Bella (in the Dorothy costume) and her little homies.

Saturday Night's Alright For Bloggin'

Friday morning, K and I went for our long run and were able to get in another seven miles. We took it easy and didn't try to better our time at all because to be honest, I haven't had the energy for it in the last little while. I was on such a high from the completion of the seven miles that I thought I should go to cycle class. It sounded like a great idea at the time but I was incredibly wiped out when it was done. All this exhaustion would keep most people at home instead of going to Groove on Friday night, but not me. I shimmied it out with my Groovy friends, but I'll be honest, I was tired. This ILIATC final push is awesome because I am seeing results but I am exhausted all the time, the good news is that the end of this insanity is near. I am ready to return to regular life from my extended stay in Crazy Town. I was telling K that I am entirely too competitive with things like this and it brings out a CRAZY side of me. Lucky for you, you've all had a glimpse at my brand of crazy.

I had my second last ILIATC weigh in today and I lost another 7 pounds!!!! I couldn't be happier but I have to just keep working super hard for one more week to finish strong. So close to being done! K, A and I have BIG plans for next Saturday after the last weigh in and workout. First of all, we are going to go eat pancakes... oh delicious carbs, we're heading to a local hang out to have a drink afterwards and we're finishing strong by making a stop at a local cupcake shop. It's a sad state of affairs when pancakes on Saturday are what's keeping me going right now.... all I want is my one cheat day. After this "Lost It" thing is done I can get back to a real way of eating and still getting result just not drastic results.

It's Saturday night, and I thought that maybe I should tell you 5 things about me.

  • I LOVE musicals. I've been singing show tunes all night.
  • My childhood heroes were not your run of the mill heroes. They were and still are Cher, Bette Midler, Julie Andrews and Barbara Streisand. I wanted to be Julie Andrews.
  • I've always wanted to take dance lessons, the only kind of dance lessons I've ever taken were short lived swing dance lessons with an ex boyfriend. 
  • I've been called an old soul more than once.
  • I love to bake and I miss it dearly but it would be my downfall right now.
Here are a few show tunes I've been belting out tonight...

I won't even put in all the Sound of Music ones I've been singing. 

And because it's Halloween and I love Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Theme Song

Exciting First

K and I ran this morning but let me be honest and tell you that it was a slow, humid and chatty run. Not a huge deal because it was fun to get out there regardless and I love the time K and I spend together having our own therapy and gab sessions. After that run, I had a training session with Amy but it wasn't our normal sessions in the gym. We met at a track and did some sprints, speed work and some other things that we do not normally do. It was a heck of a workout and an eye opener. The 100m sprints were faster than I thought they would be and even Amy was impressed as to how fast they were. I'm not going to be the next Flo Jo, but it I was still pretty happy with my time. The best part and my exciting first was the run at the end of the workout. Amy had me run so she could see my pace per mile. I did a little run/walk and managed to do a 13 minute mile. I know that for most runners, that isn't a great pace but in my world this is HUGE. It was faster than my usual shuffle, and I'm just happy about it. I know I say it all the time but a year ago, I would have laughed in your face if you'd told me that I'd be out running, or trying to do anything remotely like running.

After the morning's workouts, I was lucky enough to have lunch with my dear friend A. She and I haven't had a chance to spend much time together lately. We had a great time just chatting and catching up, but sadly we just didn't have enough time to cover everything we wanted to chat about. Is there ever really enough time?! Then this evening, I got to spend more time with K and A when we went to Groove class to dance it out a little. K left, but A and I stayed and tried to get a little zen on in centergy, but it just wasn't the same without a snuggie for the rest time at the end of class.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"If You Ain't First..."

Someone once said, "If you ain't first, you're last". OK, so it was just Ricky Bobby in the movie Talladega Nights, not some scholar or anyone of note. We FINALLY got the results of ILIATC for this past week and I dropped to second... second... WTF?! There is ten days left in the program and I'm kickin' into over drive because I really want to win, it isn't about the prize anymore as much as it is about winning. The guy that I've been battling it out with for the top spot is going down this week! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shut It Down

This song is one of my faves...

Shutting this day down by watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta... yeah, I love watching crappy tv. For what it's worth, they should do the Really Real Housewives of Atlanta, and they can follow my broke butt around. Sadly, I don't wear a wig, but I will probably be tardy for the party. Oh gosh, I think I'm dumber for watching this and even dumber for writing about it. OY VEY!

Anyways, this morning not even tornado warnings were going to keep me from getting a run in. I hauled my butt to the gym this morning to get in a quick run because running outside was just not an option. It was storming and there were tornado warnings, so that threw a wrench in the plans. As soon as I got to the gym, the tornado sirens started to sound and we had to cram into the locker rooms until they gave us the all clear. I got up there and did 24 minutes on the treadmill because I had to get back to help out at Bella's school. After being a good mom and helping out, I headed back to the gym for round 2 of 3 with Amy. We had a challenging and interesting workout, and of course a little therapy thrown in there for a little added fun. Then, because I had to go back for more, K picked me up and we headed to Fayetteville and hit up the October Groove launch. I didn't go to Zumba... can you believe it?!

So, I have some great news. My friends Sarah and Shannon are joining K and I in Orlando this February! They have signed up for the half and I couldn't be more excited about it! The more the merrier!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seven Miles?! Piece Of Cake

... and no, I don't mean a real piece of delicious post run cake. :( Although, cake does sound mighty tasty right about now. If it weren't for "Lost It" I would tear up some cake right about now, but I digress. Friday morning, K and I set out on what would be a most epic day for us. We started with a plan and we did not back down, we finished those seven miles and I could not be prouder of us. *TMI warning* So, I think that I can now join the ranks of the hard core because I ran the last mile and a half with something not feeling quite right. I had a feeling it was my toenail that had gone, low and behold when we were done and I took my shoe off my sock was bloody and my one of my toenails was almost completely gone. Who needs those toenail things anyways?! The toenail had also cut up one of the adjacent toes, it was not a pretty picture. The good thing is that I was riding the high of the seven miles that a little blood didn't bother me. This is going to sound crazy but between the seven miles and the toenail thing, I felt pretty bad ass.

K and I decided that the best way to celebrate the run was to make a little road trip to a running store in town called Big Peach Running Company to properly get fitted for new shoes and to spend some money. Ok, really we just needed an excuse to go shopping. I cannot tell you how much I loved this store, the staff was great, the fit process was wonderful and they had some of the coolest things in-store. I spent a bit more than I wanted to but I got a new bra, new shoes, and some more KT tape. I needed that stuff... right?! K and I considered getting shirts that said Run ATL on them, I might have to go back and pick them up because they were too cool. Now, I'm going to start breaking the new shoes in so I don't have a toenail incident repeat.

This morning I had my weigh in and workout for ILIATC, and the results were awesome!!! I lost 6.2 pounds, I couldn't be happier. There is only one issue, because there are only two weeks of "Lost It" left my focus is going to have to shift a little away from running just until the last weigh in on the 6th. That's not to say I won't run, it just means that I am just going to try and maintain what I've got going on. My trainer was giving me some strategies and tips so that I can win this thing. I am going to win this, because I have busted my butt and I could really use the free year at the gym. Send me good weight loss vibes.... Mama's gotta win!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up

Started Monday morning, with a 4 mile walk with K. We threw in a few little spurts of running in there, but I mostly walked. You know, I don't even feel bad about it, I think if I had actually tried to run, I wouldn't have made it. It was just nice to get outside and I had a nice chat with K. We made plans for our long run on Friday morning and we have big plans for 7 miles. Our motto is "We Got This" and we definitely "got this", we are going with a plan and we are sticking with it to make it to 7.

Monday evening, I went and shook it in Zumba. My friend Christina is now coming to Zumba on Monday nights and I love that we can share that because I do so love my Zumba, if you hadn't already guessed. She cracked me up with a comment about how she didn't know how anyone could get up there and teach that because I remember thinking the same thing when I first started. How things change...

Tuesday morning, I went to Centergy with Shannon, and it felt good to get to "contortion class". I still have trouble with some of the things we do in the class, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to do some of the things with more ease then ever before. Before I know it, I will be a centergy pro... ok, maybe not a pro but it will be nice when I don't have to modify as much as I do now. So, looking forward to that day.... After contortion, we went to Starbuck's because there is nothing better than post contortion oatmeal and coffee.

Wednesday, I got a call from my friend asking if I wanted to go to the gym with her. Of course, I agreed and told her that I had to get in some strength training. I let her know that she could train with me, since Amy's little one is sick and she couldn't meet me. So, I got to play trainer to my friend and I got quite a kick out of it. I took her through a pretty easy workout, where we focused on upper body stuff and core work. She complained the whole time calling everything we did stupid, it was pretty darn amusing, and it just made me bug her and push her harder. She even went on facebook to complain about it, which made it all the more amusing. I had to tell her remind her that if it were easy we'd all be toned and buff and instead of working out it would be called walk in the park. Anyways, I was able to get in a short run on the treadmill while my friend who'd I'd worked out with was complaining to a mutual friend of ours about how "mean" I was to her. She'll get over it! Back to the run, I ran slow and easy 30/30 intervals, I am trying to do the Galloway Run/Walk thing. I had a slow pace of 17:08/mile, I have no doubt that I will be able to improve on that greatly between now and February. I went back to the gym for a second round to get in some Zumba, just for sh*ts and giggles. Then, because I am glutton for punishment and maybe a little dumb, I went back for a third round and hit up Centergy.

Thursday was just chocked full of good gym times. I went to pilates and did some things that I know will  be feeling for a day or two. I finally got to train with Amy in the morning and we had a good little therapy session and a heck of a workout. Afterwards, I was able to get to the second part of Groove to get a little cardio in. But wait, there was more! I had to get back to the gym in the evening to go to Zumba because I needed some more cardio. Plus, I get to hang out with Sarah for a little while after class, so it's a win all around. Phew, I'm tired just typing all this out.

I got an email from the photographers that were at the race on Saturday with the link to pictures taken of me. I learned a valuable lesson by looking at those pics. I need to practice looking cooler when the cameras are around during a race. I was making a silly face in one, that one had been on purpose, but the rest, ugh... I need to work on the bad ass poses. I did fork over the cash and paid for the rights to one picture, because I needed to have a souvenir from the race. Also, I signed up for another race on November 14th. It's the New Balance Girls On The Run Atlanta 5k, I can't wait! Amy said she was going to run this one with me.

Here's the picture from the race. This was the least awful of the pics.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes It's Good To Be Second But.....

Being in first is even better!!!! I just got an email from my ILIATC trainer, and she informed me that I'm in first place right now. Now, I just have to bust my butt to stay in first. I have to win this thing! Last go around I came so close and missed the mark by a less than 1%. I've been doing my happy dance all morning. WOOT WOOT!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Peachtree City Classic Women's 5K Race Report

Sarah and I pre race, trying to not get hurt taking a picture. 
K and I pre race.
The whole crew after the race.
L-R: Me, K, Elizabeth, Shannon, Emily, Sarah and Allie.
Elizabeth, Emily and Allie are Shannon's incredible daughters.

Friday night, K and I picked up our race packets and race shirts on Friday night. They had an "expo" but I use the term loosely because there wasn't much there, but I held out hope that there would be more at the expo in the morning. Sarah and Shannon were kind enough to take Bella out to dinner while K and I hit up Groove class, it made Bella's day. Anyways, after I picked Bella up, I headed back to Casa De Awesome to get my stuff ready for Saturday morning. I didn't get much sleep, I was revved up and kind of nervous about Saturday.

*WARNING- I know some of what I was thinking and what I describe is crazy, just go with it... come with me to CRAZY TOWN. Also, there is a little TMI, just thought you should be warned.*
Saturday morning I woke up early and got myself ready for the race. Who would have thought that I would ever get up early to go to a race, let alone in the cold, how things change. K picked me up and we made our way over to the race. They had a slightly bigger expo thing set up, which was alright but I couldn't focus on any of it because I was busy thinking about the race and wondering if I would be any faster than last race. We met up with Sarah, Shannon and Shannon's daughters, it was cool to have everyone to chat with and hang out with. We eventually made our way up to the starting line and I started to size up the competition. Yup, I was looking around to see who might be slower than me and who I could take down, I know it's not logical but it's what I did. Let's face it, I was not going to be fast, at least not yet, but I knew I didn't want to be last across that finish line. Then they called us to line up, and before we knew it, we were off. Ok, everyone else was flying, I was shuffling along... no, let's call it "enjoying the scenery".  Kids were passing me, then some old ladies passed me, I think some snails passed me too but I can't tell for sure because those damn snails were fast, but I was "enjoying the scenery". All kidding aside, I was on my own and I got into a bad head space with a few minutes, I was a freakin' mess. I had started out with a plan of doing my little run/walk intervals, and that went out the window when I got pissy. As I was trotting along, I spotted this poor soul who was really just busting her butt and really focusing and she became my target. I wasn't going to let her finish before me! I would pass her, she would pass me, and so it went for half of the race that is until she shot off and left me behind. Didn't she know that she was supposed to stay back and finish after me?! Didn't she get the memo? I was pissed but instead of following, I kept my miserable pace and sulked.  It wasn't long until I found a new target, an elderly lady who was deceptively slow. Guess what Granny did within a minute of becoming my target?! Yup, she flew off too... WTF! Finally, I found my last target, a lady whom had been in my general area the whole race. I decided that she wasn't going to finish before me darn it. Did I mention that I had a little cry during the race? Yeah, I cried because I felt like such a loser because I didn't push hard enough and I was pretty much having a beat up on Lucy and pity party. The thoughts going through my head were crazy, and I think that having Aunt Flo in town didn't help my mental situation at all. I was driving the bus to Crazy Town! Anyways, I am glad that I managed to pull myself together because I'm sure I looked like a hot sweaty and teary mess. I messed with my playlist and finally found some songs on that got me fired up. One of the songs that I was listening to is called Floor On Fire, and I was scooting along whispering "the floor, the floor is on fire"... yup, must have looked and sounded like a complete nut job but at that point I didn't care anymore. Then I could see the three mile mark, and I also saw Sarah and K coming back for me. I am so glad that they came back for me and crossed the finish line with me that in itself almost made me cry because it was such a sweet gesture. I was mad at myself after the race, I was mad because I didn't push hard enough, and I was mad that I let my targets beat me, I was just mad. I pitched a fit like a 5 year old, it wasn't pretty.

Afterwards, we started walking back to the expo area and low and behold there was post race cake. Yup, CAKE! As you may have already seen in my previous entry, I enjoyed the heck out of that cake. At that point, I decided that I was going to celebrate my 6 pound weight loss and my not being last, and there's nothing better for that than cake. That's right, I lost 6 pounds last week and I hope that's enough to keep me in the top three for "Lost It" and help set me up for the win. Yes, I know celebrating and drowning my sorrows in cake isn't the answer, but I didn't even care. Anyways, lots of lessons learned on Saturday morning.

Let's review...
  1. I have awesome friends who came back for me!  
  2. People who are your targets to beat need to be told to slow down because apparently the race officials aren't great at handing out the memos.
  3. Stick to the plan, don't let anything divert me from the plan.
  4. I need to come up with ways to overcome the mental funk I get into.
  5. I drove the bus to Crazy Town, need to try and refrain from doing that again.
  6. I need to run with kleenex or a hanky, not only did I cry but my nose was runny before that even started.
  7. Crying during a race is dumb and does not make one look bad ass at all. Who cries during a 5K, it wasn't like I was running the NYC Marathon. 
  8. I need a better and more organized playlist. 
  9. I'm already looking for another race, so I must be insane. 
  10. I took time off my last 5k, and I hope that it will only keep improving from here on out.
  11. Post race cake is delicious, screw ILIATC for one day.
  12. Cake can make just about anything better, the only better solution is a cupcake. I'm just sayin'....

I'll leave you with the song that I was singing to myself towards the end.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

They Had Me At Post Race Cake

I will give you a full race report later, but I just had to share this pic of K and I we took after the race.

Peachtree Classic Bound

I'm up and getting ready to go to the Peachtree Classic 5K this morning. I keep telling myself that I cannot be last... there is just no way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday Mental Roadblock... Today Is A New Day

Yesterday was a complete mental roadblock day. I had a short run with K this morning and I was in a funk, BLECH! We finished 2.7 miles but I was a mess... it's just one of those days. I joined K at the gym for a quick strength training session, nothing to write home about but we got it done. The rest of the day was a total and complete write off, I was useless. I wanted to go to the pool and get in a water workout but I just couldn't get my head into even leaving the house yesterday evening. All day was one gigantic roadblock day. On a good note, I signed up for the Peachtree Classic 5K this Saturday, so that should be fun because I have a lot of friends running this one. Plus, Bella had a friend over and those two little girls were exhausting but they had so much fun, which made it so worth it.

Today, was so much better then yesterday. K and I ran again this morning and got in a 5.4 miles. We were both pretty jazzed because we were faster than we have been in a long time. I mean we aren't breaking any speed records but it's a big deal for us. If we can go a little faster than we did today we can finish the 5K much quicker then we did last race, and I really just don't want to be the last across the finish line. That isn't much to ask right?! Anyways, I went to workout with Amy afterwards and she was just so inspiring and all around awesome. I am really lucky to have found a trainer and a friend who I mesh with so well and who gets my crazy. We did come up with a game plan for my training as soon as "Lost It At The Club" is over, we are going to make running and running related workouts my one and only priority and focus because there is no reason I should be this slow and why I can't finish the half. Right now with the weight loss aspect to things I am not able to focus like I should be on just the running. Alright, this is where I have to bid you all a good day because there is a certain dance fitness class calling my name. Can you guess which one? I'll give you a clue, it starts with a Z and ends with a umba. Peace out peeps! ¡WEPA!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes It's Good To Be Second

The weekly individual and group standings for ILIATC were posted. I am second in the individual standings overall and my team is in third overall. It's not first, but it feels great to be in the top three. WOOHOOO!!!! The dude in first has no idea what's coming, dude is going down. There is just 4 weeks of this left, and I'm just getting warmed up.

Where Art Thou Sleep?

I can't sleep tonight, I am just wired. UGH!!!! Thinking about sleep made me think of the old Goofy clip I posted.

Anyways, I had my ILIATC weigh in on Saturday and I rocked it out! I was down 9.1 pounds, I was ecstatic, that brings the total since January to 160.8 pounds lost. HELL YEAH!!! I got through the workout without complaining because I was so darn happy about my results, just have to keep working hard so I can win this thing. Mama needs a free year at the gym (the prize for the highest percentage lost for ILIATC). Can't wait to see what the team standings are for the week as well as the individual ones. I'll let you know if I hit the top three this week. *fingers crossed* It was such a great Saturday, UGA won, I lost a ton, my friend Sarah came over to let me play hair. Plus, Patrick and I took the rugrat to Dave and Buster's. She cracked us up, the look on her face when we walked in was priceless. I think I might have had a similar look the first time I went to Vegas. Needless to say, we all had a wonderful time there. We even had a chance to hit up the PGA Superstore next door, Patrick is thinking about taking up golf and Bella wants to learn as well. She went berserk for the pink clubs, bags and shoes for kids, she even enjoyed getting to play on the little putting thing they had set up. My poor baby isn't going to be the next Paula Creamer, but she really did try her hardest. Then we let her try and hit a few balls in the tennis section, I might have to buy her a cheap little racquet before we write that sport off too.

Today was pretty relaxed, I had a super fun shoot this morning with the funniest little boys. I just love what I do, and I hope that the fall brings more work my way. The rest of the day was pretty chill and spent at home trying to catch up on house work. My dear friend A managed to coax me into going to Groove this evening because I had planned on staying home and relaxing. I'm glad I went but I just wasn't into it, oh well, it happens. Not everyday is going to be a gun ho workout day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Found It!!!!

Look at what I found this morning....

The picture does not do the amount of dirt on it justice.... it was filthy.

So, K and I were trotting along when I saw something pink laying by the side of the path and I recognized it right away.... it was my pink bondi band!!! I almost didn't pick it up because it was so nasty but K coerced me into picking it up and shoving it in my spibelt. Picking up the headband is the opposite of what I would normally do, but K was convincing and I knew I would regret not picking it up. I am sure it was run over by golf carts and everyone else that uses the paths, but I am going to try not to think about it too much. I washed it as soon as I got home, and I think it'll be a few more washes before I even think about putting it back on my head. Although, I might not wear it again, and just bask in the fact that I found it. 

As you guessed, K and I ran today and we thought it would be a good idea to go for 6 again today. That as it turned out was a mistake. If we were good, we would follow the training plan and only do one long run a week, with two 30-40 minute runs before that. Anyways, I was exhausted and today was a real challenge to finish. I was dragging a** through the whole course, but I pushed through it, but we were SLOW. I mean we were inching along today. I think that I am going to try and take the entire day off before the next long run, it's just tough with this whole ILIATC thing going on right now. 

I have a question for you. Does having dreams about running mean that I am in the process of becoming a runner? I dreamt about the half marathon last night, and let me tell you in my dreams I was rocking it out. How lame is that? Apparently, I kicked Patrick a whole lot in my sleep so I must have really been into my dream last night. 

I have really been thinking about the half in the last few days. I was even visualizing crossing the finish line during the cycle class today. Actually, I pretty much tried to visualize the race during the whole class, it really helped me rock it out in class this afternoon. Oh and good news, the class was a lot less uncomfortable this go around, so we'll see how much better next week is. 

Gotta run, I have to get to Groove! My dear friend who will I will refer to as Lala is in town for the weekend and Groove was our Friday night date before she moved a few months ago. So, we're going to Groove and then get some coffee. 

Update... finally...

We took a little family road trip Sunday to a place in North Georgia called Goats On The Roof and as the name implies there were actual goats on the roof of the place. I don't know why I was so surprised to see the goats up there, but it was a little unnerving. I guess I thought there would be one or two up there and the rest would be on the ground like normal goats. Anyways, Bella had a fabulous time feeding the goats, "mining" for gems, and doing a little shopping. She said it was her favorite part of the entire week, which I absolutely loved. It was a nice way to spend a mostly restful day. Of course, I couldn't take the whole day off, I had to hit up Groove Sunday evening.

This morning K and I decided to have our long run Monday because our schedules don't quite work for a long run any other time this week.... or so we thought. Anyways, I ran 5.5 and walked 0.5 back to the car, K on the other hand rocked it out and ran the 0.5 that I walked. Walking that 0.5 worked out because as it turned out, I had an e-mail from the Zumba website from a Group Fitness director from a small local gym looking for a Zumba instructor. When I got back to the car, I called and left a message. Later that day after my workout with Amy, I got a call back to set up an audition/interview. When it was all said and done, I had set up an appointment to teach half of a Zumba class Wednesday afternoon. The best way to celebrate was of course, by going to Zumba that evening.... duh.

Tuesday, I spent a good bit of the day helping out at Bella's school. I did manage to squeeze in Group Centergy that morning. That afternoon, I got back in the pool for an aqua jogging session with some interval work. It didn't love the workout but I didn't hate it either, but I did the damn thing and got it done.

Wednesday, I had a workout scheduled with Amy but we actually spent half of my workout practicing for my audition/interview later that day. Our actual workout was pretty tame because Amy wanted to make sure I was fresh for my thing. I got myself together after picking Bella up from school and we headed over to the gym where I was having the audition/interview. I got there, and the nerves started to kick in just a little but I had prepared and there was nothing else I could do but give it my all. When it was my turn, I got up there and started strong. The ladies seemed to be really responsive, and I was chugging along. Then when we hit the fourth song, I completely blanked out, and I made up the routine on the spot. The good thing is that they didn't know the difference and I kept going. One lady, even said it was her favorite song after the class. Then, I got cut off by the group fitness director during the second last song because the girl before me went over her time and I had run out of time but it worked out. I cooled the group down, and they were a wonderful group of class participants. She said that she would be in touch but but I am not going to hold my breath. It was a great experience and I'm moving forward. Anyways, in the parking lot, as I was pulling out some dude in a minivan hit my little car. Bella and I are ok, but it just plain sucked and I freaked out. When I was headed to my gym for Groove I had a mini melt down with my friend over the phone. When I pulled up to the gym, A and my other friend were standing outside chatting. When I got up to them, I had a total meltdown. I think that the stress of the day and the accident just sent me over the edge. A and my other friend were awesome and helped me get myself together. A and I danced it out in groove, it was exactly what I needed. When I got home, Patrick was awesome and won some serious "awesome husband" points.

Thursday.... it wasn't Wednesday so already we were off to a good start. I hit up pilates with a friend and she was kind enough to invite me over to her house afterwards for some coffee. She was wonderful, and spending time with her was what I really needed. I took it easy the rest of the day and headed to Fayetteville for some Zumba this evening. I am so glad I did because I got to see some friends and it was just a fun evening. I also realized that I am SO LUCKY to have so many incredible and supportive friends.

Monday, October 4, 2010

R.I.P. Bondi Band

Just wanted to take a moment to remember my pink bondi band lost somewhere during this morning's run. It was a good and slightly stinky band and it will be missed. Taking ol' pinky's place will have to be my "will run for margaritas" band.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spice Up Your Life

It's a Spice Girls kind of day in Lucy-land. Don't fight it, just go with it. You know you danced to some "Wannabe" don't even try to act like you didn't. Ok, I know it's been a few days since I've updated but in my defense, I have fallen asleep on the couch mid post 3 nights in a row.

Anyways, let me tell you about Wednesday. I started the day with K and we ran 5 miles. I ran intervals and I really think that's why I was able to go as far as I did without being completely wiped out. Actually, during the last mile I was able to push a little harder and I know it was because of the intervals earlier in the run. I was so excited and proud of us, we totally rode the high from our accomplishment. We ended with a 1.4 mile walk/cool down, which brought us to having covered 6.4 miles. After that, K joined Amy and I for a training session. Amy worked our upper bodies and core pretty hard, and thankfully she was easy on our legs. While we were doing some shoulder work, K asked Amy if anyone really lifted the 130 pound dumbbells they have at the gym. Amy challenged me to try and pick it up because it's a little less then what I've lost this past year, and so that I can try to visualize how much weight I've lost. I took her up on it and went tried pick it up... I was only able to lift it about an inch off the ground. Needless to say, the feeling of trying to pick up that dumbbell is going to stay with me. I've already gone back to it a few times since Wednesday. Then just for fun and to top off the day, I went to dance it out in Zumba that afternoon.

Thursday was a pretty low key day, I just went to pilates and Groove. That being said, pilates was a tough class and I am still feeling sore from it. I had a lot to get done on Thursday, so I didn't make it to Zumba that evening. It's crazy but it made me sad, I missed my Zumba.

*Warning- this part might be TMI for you, just skip this part and go straight to Saturday's activities.* Friday was another of my insane days not unlike Monday. I started out with taking an easy 2 mile walk on my own. I went to Zumba, and followed it up with going for my first cycle class. Ok, I knew cycle class was going to be uncomfortable, but I had no idea. My general peesh area is SORE! I even had a gel seat cover, but that didn't make a difference, I am still sore. K and I stayed for half the class, that is about all my junk could take, but next class, K and I said we were going to aim to stay 45 minutes. Then in the evening, I went to Groove class which K was subbing for, it was a total blast.

This morning started with an EARLY morning run with K. We walked our first mile, and slowly jogged 2.9 miles after that. We were slow but we got out there and got it done. After that, I had my ILIATC workout and weigh in. It was great news!! I LOST 6.6 POUNDS!!! I got through the super tough workout by focusing on the great weight loss this week. I hope that my team stays in the top three again this week, and hopefully I will be in the top three for individual weight loss. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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