Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Monday, September 13, 2010

What A Weekend!

This was a super fun weekend! It started on Friday when I spent the morning getting a mani/pedi with my friend A, plus we also had a chance to hit up DSW... I didn't find any shoes but she did.   Then Friday evening, Patrick, Bella and I headed to the Braves game along with Patrick's parents, grandmother, sister and her kids. Patrick, Bella and I had a the best time, I can't speak for everyone that was with us, but I think they enjoyed it too. Patrick bought Bella a Chipper Jones jersey because she just adores Chipper and cried when she found out he was out for the season. Then, he tells me that he's going to take her to get her face painted. I thought nothing of it, assuming that she would something small airbrushed on her cheek. Nope, I was wrong, she got the full on face paint complete with designs and glitter on each cheek. She was so happy with it and so proud of her paint job, it was beyond cute. Just watching her at the game was a trip because she just was so into it.

Here's a picture of Bella in full Braves regalia. It was taken with my cell, so pardon the poor quality. 

Saturday morning, I had our team orientation for the "I Lost It At The Club" program. Just a quick side note, from now on for the sake of my typing fingers I'll refer to this program as ILIATC. We had our little orientation, and we were told what is expected of us and the team during the next few weeks. We officially start on Saturday, and life is going to change, but I really want to win this thing. Last time I did ILIATC in the Spring, I came so close to winning and I'll just be honest I like winning and winning a free gym membership for a year is pretty darn awesome. So, this trainer that I'm with is no joke, and she expects a lot. You know what, I like her approach and I think it's going to be tough but super good for me.

Then, Saturday evening I went to a Zumba party at a friend's house. Guess what?! I got to teach my first two songs ever. I think I did pretty well, but then again we'd all been drinking so I am not sure if I have a good frame of reference. Anyways, getting up there was a rush and I really can't wait to teach some more because it was so much fun. I really am so thankful that I had that opportunity. Also, let me go on record and say that drinking and Zumba sounds like a good idea, but it's really not so much the best. Ok, let me rephrase that; a drink before Zumba is probably ok, but multiple drinks isn't so good. I didn't get sick, but I didn't feel the best either. The party was a ton of fun and I was so glad to get out and just relax for a while. Let me tell you what the best part was.... I got cupcakes! Isn't that awesome?! My Contortion class date, Sarah, brought me some delicious and healthier pumpkin spice cupcakes which her mom made for me. Oh they were so good... yum!

Sunday was low key and exactly what I needed because I wasn't feeling it on Sunday. Which I am sure comes as no big surprise, based the aforementioned party on Saturday. I hung out with the family and didn't do a whole lot except going to Groove in the evening.

As for today, I just had a pretty uneventful training session... nothing to get excited about. Then tonight, I didn't make it Zumba because I had a photo shoot. Tomorrow is MRI day, one step closer to some answers about the knee. Keeping everything crossed for good news.

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