Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

First of all, I realize this is sort of late, but you know I couldn't do anything early... because that's how I roll. I had originally started to write a post where I was complaining about what happened with my 10K this morning. I decided to scrap that because there really wasn't much of a point of putting all that negativity out there. I will give you a quick review of what happened tomorrow after I've had some more time to get over it. Anyways, it's Thanksgiving and really I just need to focus on all the wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for, more specifically the people and things from 2010.

  • Bella- I am always going to be grateful for her but she said something to me back in January that was the final spark that I needed to start on this whole journey. 
  • Patrick- Again, I will always be grateful for him but he too was a driving force in my journey. I wanted to try to make changes in my life with the hopes that he would make some changes too. We have gone through a lot this year, but I am so thankful to have him as my husband and partner in crime.... errr I mean life. (I know, so cheesy)
  • Amy- She pushed me to step out of my comfort zones in so many aspects of my gym and personal life. She has turned out to be an incredible friend too. She has been so instrumental in my success this past year. She has been my cheerleader, pr person, butt kicker, and therapist.
  • K- Who knew that when I met her that she would become one of my dearest friends. She has also pushed me not just with the running but in my personal life in ways that I would never have been able to push myself. Plus, she is REAL with me, she does not pull any punches and I just love that. 
  • All of my incredible friends, new and old. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I want to send a shout out to a specific few who have been particularly great this year... Christina, Jen W., Shannon, Sarah & Kareen. Love you all! 
  • Zumba- I am so grateful for Zumba, it truly was such a driving force in changing my life. It was my first group fitness class on this foray back into the gym. I still remember that first class where I stood in the back of the room, holding back tears because it took so much for me to just walk into that room. I cried during the class because I just felt like I had no business being in that class, but I was having so much fun at the same time. I stayed through that first class, and just kept going back for more. 
  • Running- I never thought I would ever run, this little adventure has changed my life. It has challenged me physically and mentally. It's taught me so much about how much I am truly capable of. 
  • All of you- You keep me on track, lift me up and are all around AWESOME! 
  • This blog- It has given me a place to keep track of all my progress, an outlet for my crazy, and a place to celebrate my successes. 


G Lady said...

I know I've said this before but I am SO Proud of you AND for you. I am very thankful for your friendship. We'll always be friends and I know when I'm old in a wheelchair that you'll push me to Charming Charlies and put crazy head things on me. LOL. (Until then, you're not getting that stuff on my head). Love you!

Lucy said...

Christina- Way to go, now I'm crying. Both kind of tears, the happy ones because you are awesome and the laughing kind because I cannot quit laughing at the thought of pushing you around Charming Charlies and putting glittery feathery things on your head. Love you!

FruitFly said...

Okay, for the record, I do enjoy things other than running - even though it might not seem like it. However, running is increasingly more and more important. I'm with you - I am so thankful for it! I NEVER would have thought I would be a runner of any distance. The fact that in 3 months and 1 day I'll be doing the 1/2 marathon still baffles me!

Lucy said...

RR- I know, right?! Who knew running could change our lives so much. As for the half, 3 months...February will be here before we know it. I can't wait!

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