Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, How Do We Get Back To The Gym?

That's what my friend and I were asking ourselves this morning. A friend of mine and I decided to run together today, which was awesome because I have yet to run with anyone else. The morning began with dropping Bella off at the gym's childcare, they will let you leave your child there if you plan on using the golf cart paths around the gym. Then my friend and I were off, we started pretty strong with a brisk walk and then finally made it to the first and only running interval of the entire hour. It was just so hot and miserable and our conversation was just so good that I didn't want to interrupt it with running. You know how that goes... LOL. I used the runstar app on my phone to track our distance and pace, and according to the app we went 3 miles in 58:47 minutes for a pace of 19:24 minutes per mile. Not too bad considering that running on Monday I had a pace of 19:54 and I actually ran my intervals. Anyways, when we got to the 30 minute mark, and went to turn around, we couldn't remember how we had gotten where we did. So, we walked a little more and then asked a couple we came across for help. That would have been fine, had the couple not just moved to Peachtree City and have absolutely no knowledge of the paths. I turned to the trusty phone and it's maps and GPS feature and we eventually found our way back. It was definitely an adventure. We are going to do it again but we may have to find another place to do it, perhaps around the lake here in PTC. It was so motivating to have someone go with me.

After the morning's adventure, I took Bella to a puppet show at one of the local libraries with some of my best friends and their kids. After that we headed to my friend house for some pool time fun. I think that every picture from this summer is going to be taken in the pool because I just love the waterproof camera that Patrick got me for our anniversary/Valentine's Day. The kids had a great time swimming, and playing together.

Then in the afternoon, it was the usual 4:30 Zumba class and thankfully my friend is back from her vacation and she taught the class. It was a hell of a workout, and so much fun. Speaking of Zumba, next Thursday is the big day... I bet you can tell that I am excited. If you are on Facebook you need to check out this video Luis The Zumbaholic, it is hilarious. Then, just for fun, here's a little jazzercise video which just cracks me up. One day we might look at Zumba and laugh at it the same way we kind of do about Jazzercise.

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