Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back On Track

I am finally back on track, as of today I have logged 7 miles, nothing monumental but more than I have logged in a single week in a long time because I've been such a lazy mess. So, I downloaded the Runner's World Smart Coach App for my phone and set out a training plan. It asks for a race date and length, so I used the Girls On The Run 5K at the end of the month as my race date and length. I may not run the apps pace on race day because I am doing it with Bella but I have a plan set out which is what I needed. Plus, it seems like I may have lost my running partner, K is really busy with work and seems to have lost her running motivation. I love her dearly but I can't go down that road, already I feel like I've lost most of the endurance that I had built up for the half and I can't move backwards. Plus, when I wasn't running, I was really and truly a grumpy b*tch... not good at all. I really don't like non running Lucy, she's just not a cool chick.

Monday called for a 2 mile easy run, so I drove to the lake and got it done. I set my gymboss to 4/1 intervals, and I didn't do that well sticking to the plan but I did run more than I walked. I was just happy to be outside and getting back to it, plus I enjoyed my kickin' tunes too. The only funny thing about Monday's run was the outfit. A few months ago, I bought some CEP progressive compression socks but sadly my calves were still too big for even the biggest sized sock. Anyways, I rocked those bad boys on Monday's run and it was quite the look when paired with my capri tights, please try not to be jealous that you couldn't look that cool too. LOL Then, in the evening I went to Groove to check out the program's new release. Want to check it out? Click here 

Not a good look but my legs felt great.
Tuesday, I got my weight training in on my own because Amy is recovering from her surgery and K was working. I also went to Zumba but really didn't work that hard but that is no one's fault but my own, it was fun regardless. Then last night, I signed up for The Jelly Bean Virtual Race today, and I signed up for the 10K. This is my first virtual race and my first 10K. Can you believe that this is my first 10K? I have finished a half but not a 10K... who does that?!

You can register here 
Wednesday's plan called for a 5 mile run with some speed work. I ditched the speed work, I know bad call on my part but I have a class to teach that night so I needed to be on point and not totally exhausted. Plus, honestly, I am intimidated by the words speed work. Anyhow, I set out and changed my intervals on the gymboss. For the first time, I set it to 3/2 intervals, after the first few, I decided that a 2 minute walk interval is a little too long for me, I'm setting it to either 1 min or 1:30 mins for the walk next time. Alright, this was an interesting adventure. First of all, this was my first run that was over 4 miles without K, and I was a little wigged out about it. From a companionship standpoint but also from a safety standpoint, because I just feel more comfortable having someone else with me. At the first mile marker, I realized that I had to go pee and the nearest toilet was still about a mile and a half away... not good. The run to the toilet fluctuated between speeding up to get there faster and slowing WAY down so I wouldn't pee my pants. Here's the kicker, I went to the bathroom right before I started, STUPID BLADDER. Then right around 1.5 miles, I entered a part of the golf cart paths that I lovingly refer to as Creeper Woods. This is a stretch that has no homes or stores that back up to the paths, it's just a whole lot of nature and it always makes me think that there are creepy dudes hiding behind the trees there just waiting to jump the next person that comes by. Not rational, but it's just the feeling it gives me. As soon as I started to get close to Creeper Woods, I pulled out my cell and took my ear buds out so I could hear any possible creepers. As soon as I was out of Creeper Woods, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief, not just because I felt safer but because I was incredibly close to the bathroom, I made my pit stop and got back to it. It works out nicely because the Kroger supermarket where I went to the bathroom is the 2.5 mile mark, so turning back would make it an even 5 miles. On the way back through Creeper Woods, I tried to hustle through because I wanted out. The second half of the run was fairly uneventful, I just kept playing some games with myself so that I would avoid the urge to walk before it was time. I would pick a spot on the trail and aim to get there, once there I would find a new target and so it went the entire way back. It was a slow one but I felt great and loved the sense of accomplishment of finishing the run on my own.

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Photina said...

I'm doing the Jelly Bean 5K. Have run in your run! I run by myself for the most part and I wish I had someone to run with. It makes the runs much easier.

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