Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I May Have Set A Precedent

If you saw Friday's post where I talked about dressing in regular non work out clothes, well, I extended that streak into Saturday and Sunday. I am afraid that I might have set a precedent of dressing in regular clothes, what next?! I even wore makeup to my sister in law's baby shower on Saturday. I may have set a precedent for dressing in non workout clothes post workout on the weekends.

So, remember how I said I had 6 miles planned for Saturday. Well, that didn't happen but don't worry not all was lost, I managed to get 6 in on Sunday.  I ended up joining K on the tready for a walk then a little core work. I was under a bit of a time crunch because I overslept, and had to get home to get ready for the baby shower. I decided that taking a shower and dressing up was probably the right thing to do and I bet everyone probably appreciated that too.

Someone at the party gave Bella some glow necklaces... why? I have no clue.
Sunday morning, I got up and had a little mental battle with myself about getting out there and getting the 6 miles in. I got dressed, got my ipod and headed out to the lake. The set out and I didn't even have to play any games with myself to push, well, at least not for the first 3 miles. The next two miles seemed to oscillate between feeling great, and having to find landmarks to run just to keep running. The final mile felt great, and I was chugging along nicely. Although, I did get run down my possibly the sweetest dog ever. Her owner was taking her in and had just taken her off the leash, and she spotted me, and ran over to kill me with love. So, I stopped, chatted with the owner, and played with my new fur buddy for a minute. I wish had asked to take a picture of the dog, because she was adorable.

So, as I look back at the run, I can say a few things about it. I am more than capable of running on my own, and I proved that to myself this past week. I am glad that I got out there and got the miles in even though my warm bed's siren call almost won. Even though, I had to battle a little during a few of those miles, I kept thinking that I am very capable of doing this training and the actual marathon on my own. That being said, I would rather be doing this with a partner but unless I find one, it's going to be a solo effort.

The rest of Sunday consisted of hanging out with the family, and then going to Groove. I could think of worse ways to spend an afternoon. Then yesterday, I walked two miles with K and we did our strength training as well. I was pretty spent because I didn't get much sleep the night before so I decided that I wasn't going to Zumba in the evening. I regret not going but I am glad I got to hang out with Patrick last night, so not all was lost.


FruitFly said...

Hooray for 6 miles. Some times they are just so freaking hard and some days they are just simple. Running is weird. I hope for simple tonight.

I need to do core work. I have a food baby right now. But dang it, the fries were soooo good!

Lesley @ said...

The only run you regret is the one you skip!

Solo can be really hard, but it'll build massive mental strength for the marathon!

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