Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mostly Awesome

So, I had a mostly awesome weekend. I had a lot of quality family time, did some work, worked on my playlist for my auditions. I say it was mostly awesome because on Friday, Bella and I were playing and she fell on my arm and bent it backwards in an odd way. It hurt like a mother, but I was sure that I would feel better by Saturday. Come Saturday, the arm was actually feeling worse and I started to worry just a bit but I wasn't rushing to the doctor just yet. I ran with K on Saturday and had to tuck my arm in because it was uncomfortable running, then that evening in Groove it just killed. I did end up going to the doctor on Monday, and as it turns out it's just a contusion, nothing to write home about, just enough to hurt and make me uncomfortable. Good times....

Saturday was solely dedicated to the family, no gym or anything. We started the day with a trip to the tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. That was quite the adventure, we haven't had a real tree and I had never been to cut one down. There were some GORGEOUS trees but sadly we live in an apartment and a 10 foot tree just wasn't going to work. So, we scoured the farm for the perfect tree, and we found what we thought was the most fabulous tree only to find that there was a lady literally guarding the tree waiting on her husband to come and cut it down, that was a bit too hard core for me. Finally we found the tree for us, and I made a joke with Patrick that we were going to have a Griswold moment. Little did I know that we actually would when we got the tree home. So we were just beyond proud of our tree and we got it home and set it in the stand. That in and of itself was hilarious because the tree just wasn't going to cooperate to stand straight. Then when we took the netting off, it became very apparent that we did not account for how wide the tree was. The tree takes up a lot of our tiny living room.... that's just so very us. That afternoon, we took Bella to the movies to see Tangled. What a great movie, it was too cute.
She was sizing up the situation and "helping" Patrick.
She wanted to haul the tree herself, it didn't work out so well for her.
They put her to work and had her help bale the tree.
All this work can make a girl hungry, and the best snack is obviously a marshmallow.
Looking fly after the movie...
On Sunday, I started the day out properly with an awesome run with K in the morning. We got 4 miles in and we were faster than we have ever been. I just love running with K and running on Sunday morning was wonderful. The paths were pretty empty so we didn't have to have our show downs with the Mommy Mafia. Have I mentioned that they are super scary and will run you down with those strollers, those ladies will cut a b*tch. Don't get me wrong, I'm a mom and I love that they are out and being active but the mafia on the golf cart paths are something else. Anyways, I tried out a new app for the phone to track our progress called Cardio Trainer, it was too cool. It showed us our pace per mile, mapped it out, and it saved it online as well. The app will have to do until I can afford to buy myself the garmin I've had my eyes on. Then, because I love my dance fitness classes, I went to Groove it out on Sunday evening.

Monday, I had to skip training with Amy so I could go get my arm looked at. Then I had to reschedule this morning's session because I have a Zumba audition this morning...eeek. I did go to Zumba on Monday night, and there was something about the class that night that reminded me why I love Zumba and why I want to teach it. It was something else, because I was starting to feel less than enamored with Zumba until Monday night. Then, yesterday K and I ran on the treadmill because there was bad weather and some tornado warnings and as much as we love being bad ass and running outside in the rain, we weren't down with chancing it. I probably would not have gotten the miles in on the treadmill had K not been there with me, I have the hardest time on the treadmill because I get bored fairly quickly and I get a tad obsessed with the numbers on the display. Then in the evening, I went to Zumba and got to teach a song. I managed to teach the song but I had a few issues, I did not look up at the people in the class enough, and I was so worried about messing up that I did not let my personality show through. I just have to relax and stop worrying so much about messing up. After class, Kareen (my friend and Zumba mentor) sat with me and we worked on my playlist for my audition on Friday and worked out some stuff for the one today too. She had some great advice and was a HUGE help.

That's it for now, I'm off to get ready for my audition today!

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FruitFly said...

Your arm sounds so painful!

And I LOVE the Griswold comparison. I was immediately picturing that movie once you mentioned getting a Christmas tree!

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