Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Bad & The Bad Ass

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At least the view from yesterday's run was pretty....

So, I went for a little run by myself yesterday afternoon before picking Bella up from school. Karen is on a set working on a commercial, oh the life of a super cool make up artist. Great for her, sucky for my running situation. Anyways, I sucked it up, got myself dressed and headed out. First and foremost, let me just say that I had some issues with the running skirt/capri combo from My particular issue with this outfit is that I am still too big to rock this look, it'll be a little while before I can fit into it properly. Bummer because the skirt/capri combo is cute, and the capris under the skirt were super comfy.  So, walking at first was fine, but as soon as I started running, the skirt started riding up and it wasn't pretty. Had I not had the capris underneath, I would have given the others on the paths a free show, Momma has bills to pay, I can't be showing it all for free. Then, to add to the suck fest that was Wednesday's run, I had to pee the entire time, and I had gone to the bathroom right before I ran... WTF?!  Of course, there had to be more, I was having some knee pain and some calf discomfort. I know the knee pain is due to the arthritis, so that wasn't a surprise, just an annoyance and a reminder of the permanent damage I have done to my joints with the extra weight.

I am very coddled having someone to run with even on the treadmill. I had a huge hit reality when I went out on my own yesterday. I think that mentally, it put me in a bad head space and I didn't put on my big girl panties like I should have. Even my music made me mad, and I was being a huge baby. I finished my 3 miles and stomped off to my car and sulked. I thought that going to Zumba in the afternoon would help me shake it off, but all it did was make me extra tired and slightly irritable.

Today on the other hand was going to be my redemption run and was it ever. After Groove, I went and changed out of my stinky Groove stuff, put on all my running gear and headed over to the lake. As I was leaving the gym, it was sprinkling but nothing that was going to keep me from the redemption run. The sprinkles turned into full on rain. I started out, my music was right, I felt great, and I was determined to get in 4 miles by myself. I tried to stick to the 4:1 interval plan but that part didn't work out exactly as planned, I walked a little more than I would have liked. I am motoring along and at about 1.75 miles into the run, it hit me that I was already doing so much better than yesterday. Then that rain turned into sleet, by the time I hit mile two, it really started coming down and I started feeling pretty BAD ASS! I was smiling to myself the whole time. The only issue with my bad ass moment was the slick conditions it caused on parts of the paths, but I managed. By mile three, I just felt such a sense of accomplishment even though the Garmin was reminding me that I was SLOW. I passed a doggy show down, and some guy who may or may not have been a crackhead (don't see too many of those in Peachtree City), just to keep things interesting. By the time I got back to the car I was so happy. I was buzzing because I finished, and finished the run on my own, and because I ran in the rain and sleet. This one is going down in the Book of Bad Assery!


Kelly said...

Nice job on the Bad Ass Redemption Run! I have a hard time getting out there the day after a bad run, but you did it and look how it paid off!

FruitFly said...

Woo hoo!!! Bad Ass runs are always the best! Plus a total confident booster!

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