Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fit For A Princess Expo

We made it!

Half marathon swag

Look at all the stuff I bought...eek
Ok, simply stated... it was completely overwhelming but awesome. I knew that it would be huge but I never expected it to be as big as it actually was. I will post a detailed report when I get back to Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

ooh it looks like so much fun!

Kristen said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear about your run!

FruitFly said...

I wish I had bought the hat. I thought it was expensive. Little did I know that 2 days later I'd be getting fried on my head and end up buying a running hat in 'Germany' for almost the same price!

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