Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back In The Land Of The Living

Alright, since I feel so much better, I've rejoined the land of the living. So, let's address the post from Tuesday, I will fill you all in on what that was about. I received a message from a lady who works for Zumba's PR team, and she had seen where I had posted about my weight loss on Zumba's Facebook Page back in October. Anyways, she wrote that she was working on getting some other stories like this out there, and was looking for someone for a very big TV show. She asked me if I was interested in the opportunity and if I would get in touch with her. I called her and she was in a meeting so couldn't chat for long but her first question to me was if I was an instructor, which automatically disqualified me for the TV show she was working on at the moment. Apparently, the TV show does not want people who are instructors, so big bummer for me. That being said, all was not lost, she did ask if she could contact me when other opportunities come up, and apparently these do come up, maybe just not on the large scale as the TV show she's working on right now. So, there is still a possibility that I will get to do some cool stuff with regards to Zumba. Here's a question for you. I did not get to chat with the PR lady long, and I did not tell her my updated stats and such. Would it be pushy to send her an e-mail with updated stats? I just don't know.

After Monday's visit to the doctor, she had given me the ok, to return to the gym on Wednesday as long as I felt up to it. Believe me, when Wednesday rolled around, I was ready to get to the gym and at least be quasi active. Karen and I trained with Amy, and she didn't push me too hard was aggravating but she had a good reason. She didn't want me pushing so hard that I broke down again and possibly get worse before I got better. After the workout, I went straight home and back to bed, because to be honest I was wiped out. I had to sub out Wednesday night's Zumba class because there was no way I was going to be able teach that class, I really was just not well enough yet. Thankfully, Thursday morning I was almost back to normal. I went to pilates Thursday morning, and even ran a little with Karen after class. Now, the run was less than stellar but you know what, WHO CARES?! Getting out there makes me feel good, and I was active. By Friday morning, I was feeling like a real human being again.... SCORE!!! Especially important because I had a Zumba class to teach that morning. After class, I again met Karen and got some miles in. What's not to love about that?

At some point on Sunday, I am going to post my week's goals, update my weight because I forgot to weigh in Saturday morning. Also, updating the upcoming races page because I have some things lined up, and I need to refocus on training towards a goal.

Have you seen this ad? This chick is totally stealing my moves. LOL


Running Down a Dream said...

LOL I love that commercial!

Too bad that being an instructor disqualified you for the show, but I bet there will be plenty of other opportunities. I say send her your new stats. Why not? You have such an amazing weight loss story and it should be shared to inspire others! You should make an impression on her so she keeps you in mind for another project!

Anonymous said...

Send her your stats because your story is inspiring. I love that commercial...too funny, and how dare she steal your moves. Thanks for giving me the motivation that i needed

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