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- Dean Karnazes

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend Recap Day 2

Day 2... are you ready for it?

We started out having to pack up and get all of our stuff out of the hotel we stayed at on Friday because we were going to be at a different place on Saturday. We must have been quite the sight because we packed like we were going for an extended trek through the mountains or something. That being said, we had tons of clothes to choose from and guess what we wore again? Our superhero/princess tees... yup we did. At least we showered, changed our undies and pants... that's got to be worth something. We staked out a Starbucks because we needed coffee, and that would be my last cup of coffee before the race. I savored that coffee like it was the last drink of my life, put my feet up and tried to calm my nerves.  I was on edge all day Saturday, as much as I felt confident about being prepared, I was still nervous about finishing. I was also feeling pretty stressed thinking about getting to the race the next morning, and everything just had me stressed, I was an absolute mess. Hmm, actually with the stress I was feeling, I think mess, might be an understatement. Hey, at least we had on our happy bad ass shoes.

A little coffee and relaxation before heading to Downtown Disney
We got to Downtown Disney, and it was pretty busy but that isn't too surprising considering that it was a Saturday and it was race weekend. We walked around, did some shopping for our kids, and got Amy's daughter a little gift too. In the Mickey's Pantry store, K found the best wine ever! It's called Jam Jar, and it's a sweet shiraz, now, I am a wine idiot, I just know that I like drinking and that reds aren't my cup of tea. That being said, I make an exception for this Jam Jar, we popped it open on Tuesday after the race and it was incredible. I digress, I also went to the candy store and bought myself a rice krispy treat to enjoy on the way home after the race, that thing looked like a rice krispy brick. We also got to briefly meet up with Shannon, her daughters and Sarah while we were there. After that, we picked up some lunch and headed to the new hotel to check in, eat and get ready for the race.

This sign said "Let The Memories Begin"... loved it

Loved this quote!
Once we got to the new hotel, I was feeling so stressed out that I couldn't even finish my lunch. I unpacked the stuff I was going to need the next day and started organizing everything. I wish I had taken a picture because I had everything organized by the order in which I had to put it on. I also packed the bag that I would check on race day, plus the outfit that I would wear on the ride home after I showered and what not. During this, I got a text from Shannon asking if we wanted to join them for dinner. Karen wanted to stay in and order room service and have some time alone, so I met up with everyone else for dinner. At this point, I was wound super tight, and needed to get some perspective and to vent. I called Amy, we had a fabulous chat, so much so that our talk had me in tears, not just any tears, ugly cry tears. I had to sit in the parking lot at the restaurant for a little while afterwards to get myself together because it takes a little time to get yourself together after a good ugly cry. I got it together, went in and found the girls and got to chatting. Even during dinner, I couldn't quite settle down, like I said I was wound up pretty tight. Not even getting a balloon tiara from the super cute balloon guy managed to help. Can you believe that?! I thought a good ol' fashioned balloon tiara would do the trick. Guess what finally calmed me down?! The ride home with Sarah. We were riding back, and somehow got turned around and ended up on the freeway. It was just hilarious, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to finally calm me down. 

Didn't you know that I have a thing for balloon tiaras? See this post.
After finally making it back to the hotel, I managed to take a shower, talk to Patrick (who was beyond sweet) and get myself to bed. I slept a bit but not too much, I was up a few times during the night. At that point it was more out of fear of oversleeping than anything else. 


Ros said...

um i'm in love with your shoes! what kind are they?

Lucy said...

Ros- The shoes are ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 6. I have the men's shoes because I liked the colors better in the men's version. They make me happy, I can get over the fact that there is no cushioning of any sort.

FruitFly said...

All this stuff you wrote, and I am sitting here thinking, "Damn, I need to get some new shoes with more color!"

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