Nobody cares if you're not a good dancer. Just get up and dance. The same holds true for racing. Whether first or last, we all cross that same finish line. Just get out there and run.
- Dean Karnazes

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Has Two Thumbs...

Who has two thumbs and has fallen asleep while blogging two nights in a row? THIS GIRL! *pointing at myself with my thumbs*

So, I have tried to blog two nights in a row and fallen asleep at the computer... that's just pitiful.  Let's get you up to speed on what's been going on in the life of Lucy since I last updated late Monday night. Tuesday, I spent the morning and early afternoon hanging out with a friend of mine intown. We had a camera play date at Piedmont Park along with her sweet baby boy who was our young model for the day. It was fun to catch up and enjoy some time outdoors, and the lunch at Einstein's afterwards wasn't bad either. That evening I hit up Zumba class, and tried out my slip-on dancers at the Hwy. 54 location. Let me just say that they work well at the regular Hwy. 74 location, but not so well at the 54 location, the floor there is just so odd. Then Wednesday, I trained with Amy and we had to keep the focus mainly on my upper body because we are trying to save the knees. We actually talked about it and decided that I am going to hold off on running right now until I see the ortho on Monday morning and have her give me her opinion on the current condition of my knees. We also had a discussion about me doing the "Lost It At The Club" competition again but this time I am going to go with a different team and a different trainer, that was hard to do but I think it's time for a different perspective. Plus, I have a good support system on the other team, so it made the decision a lot easier.

Then there was this morning. I went back to pilates but this time it was my trainer's pilates class, and it was something else. I am still not a huge fan of it but I can see where the benefits of it are, and it was definitely a deceptively tough work out. I'll be honest, it's just not my schtick but I will keep going because it's something different, and out of my comfort zone. Tonight, I am going to Groove to check out the new release and get my boogie on.... just very carefully so I don't mess up my knee. I can give up a lot but I am having a hard time giving up my dance fitness classes, I'd rather heavily modify then not do them at all.

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